Where I Presently Stand

Okay. For any who have been wondering… This is where I stand as of the time of writing. I am going to continue to work with The Social Gospel because those guys still think it’s worth it. Even though I don’t believe in me, I believe in them and I trust them. Maybe I’ll find the fun of it in a couple of weeks. And I am also still going to do the gig on October 12 at The Merge. But I am still evaluating what if anything I want to do as a “solo” artist beyond that point. So there’s your update…

But there’s something else I want to say, even though saying it kind of makes me an asshole. And this is it… A lot of my friends have let me down over the past week and that’s FAR worse than just being unsuccessful at something I love doing.

Here’s some free advice. If you EVER hear a musician-friend say they’re thinking of quitting and your response is ANYTHING other than, “Don’t!” then you’re kind of a shitty friend. And I understand why so many people didn’t say that. I think a couple of them probably even thought they were being supportive…but seriously… Fuck the guy who asked me how much I thought I’d get for the guitars. That’s not a friend. Acquaintances at BEST at this point.

You might think that not particularly liking someone’s music doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them…but you’re wrong. To a musician, saying you don’t like their music is saying you don’t like THEM and saying nothing at all is saying that you don’t even CARE. Even saying, “it’s not my cup of tea, but you play it well” feels kind of like you’re saying “good job having sex, but your baby is fucking hideous.” But at least it’s still a well-wish. Some of you might not have known that before now. Now that you do, DO BETTER. Not just for me, but for every musician you know and claim to care about.

Sorry if that’s specifically stepping on anyone’s toes (or am I?), but I needed to say that. I am deeply grateful to the handful who have taken the time to be encouraging. I could use some more of that if anyone’s looking to get back in my good graces…but I feel fucking pathetic having to ASK you to do so.

Anyway…I’m not done just yet I guess. But I’m not as into it as I feel like I SHOULD be for not being done. And that’s where we are.

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