Random Musical Updates

In case you aren’t friends with me on Facebook, or somehow missed the announcement…all of my music is now available online for ABSOLUTELY FREE (or “pay what you want,” if you feel compelled to do so).  Go to http://derekbrink.bandcamp.com and rob me blind.  Everything about me must go!

Seriously…please go get some free music.  You don’t even have to enter an e-mail address.  Just go nuts.  And anticipate the day when the new record, “Ink Stained Fingers” will hit the site, also for free.

Why am I doing it?  Because no one owns the air over your head, and I don’t think you should pay me to fill it.  Also, I care a LOT less about making money off of it than I do having people HEAR it.  So I’m making it a no-brainer.  If you’ve ever considered listening to my stuff, but either didn’t know where to start or didn’t want to spend the money without knowing if you like it, now there is absolutely no risk.  You can even stream it before you download it, if you still need a preview before downloading.  No excuses.  Don’t be a dick–download my shit.

Also: ALBUM UPDATE.  I’ve written a new song that is very sad and is about a friend of mine who is going through hell.  And I think it’s going to replace “Stay Away from Andy” on the record.  “Andy” is an okay song…but it’s just OKAY.  “Waiting Room,” on the other hand, I think is something I need to get out there.  And musically they’re kind of similar…so “Andy” will have to stay away from my record.  (See what I did there?  What’s that?  Of course you do, because you’re not an idiot?  Okay!)

Also Also: You may have noticed a new link on the right for my new music tumblr page.  “Spinning Sides” is a blog of the vinyl records I listen to throughout my week.  Or month.  Or whatever.  I’m having a lot of fun with it, and you can expect to see a lot of weird shit pop up on it.  I’ve got  bunch of my dad’s old records over here–including some he apparently stole from a library–and Vintage Vinyl has a constantly changing and evolving $2.99 vinyl bin that I love wading through.  Got a lot to write about.

…and that’s all I’ve got tonight.  I’ll write again when I want to.  You can’t make me.

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