Lyrical Snapshots

I’m excited about the new record, as you know. (“Ink Stained Fingers” — It’s gonna be a thing!) I promise it won’t completely take over the blog, and I don’t plan on writing much more about it for a couple of weeks… But… Contrary to my self-deprecating post from a couple posts ago, I have gotten a few friends asking me about it, and that’s nice. If any of them read the blog, I thought they might find this post a little interesting.

I’m a big fan of lyrics–music is great, but if there’s nothing for me to grab onto in the lyrics, I’m out. (Which is probably why I don’t have anything to say about most rap/hip-hop artists…even if they’re good, it’s so rare that I identify with them.) That in mind, I wanted to provide a few glimpses at single lines of lyrics from the upcoming record. Just a few of my favorite phrases. I’m not going to tell you which song they’re from, and they’re not in any particular order or designed to make any particular statement at this time… But this is just a quick look inside the head-space I’m walking around in on this record. (Spoiler alert: It gets a little dark.) Hope you enjoy it. Here’s 20 random lines.

  • “You’ve got to keep on fighting. ‘Cause to let go of your dreams is to grab hold of dying.”
  • “Life ain’t turning out the way I expected it to. That may be a cliché, but that don’t mean it’s not true.”
  • “Some Kings don’t need a portrait. Some kings don’t need a crown.”
  • “I may live to regret it, but at least I fucking said it.”
  • “I’m tired of the anger and I’m tired of the guilt. I’m tired of repenting and of knowing that I never really will.”
  • “Oh boy, Danny…the pipes are useless. I’m Irish enough without them and I don’t want to sing that song.”
  • “Never thought I’d think of that as the best time in my life.”
  • “The touch of your skin is enough of a sin to hold me for good.”
  • “To the girl with the golden hair: When you fix me with your stare, I sometimes think I could die right there and go to Heaven.”
  • “I don’t know if I’m ever going to marry. I’m the type that’s leave-able, it seems.”
  • “Everyone’s got bruises, but it’s the blood that gives life.”
  • “Now I know your name is the most important word I’m ever going to hear.”
  • “He ain’t the type you date. He’s the type you sleep with until he throws you away.”
  • “Bring out your skeletons, girl. Bring out your dead.”
  • “Maybe given time, I can find some words that rhyme that’ll make you realize I’m singing to you.”
  • “No tomorrow and no future. No refunds no regrets. That was me.”
  • “Got crosses on my boot heels to chase the devil away.”
  • “Spends the whole night talking about the girls he’s ‘fucked,’ and that’s the word he uses for it.”
  • “I’ve thrown my heart against the wall half a dozen times. It’s even managed to stick there for a while once or twice.”
  • “I felt like you must have been struck dumb, but you’ve been screaming all this time.”

Hope you found something to grab onto there. If not, maybe I’ll make my next album about the bitches and the hoes and the bling and the macking of the daddy and all that…

In my head, I said all that rap-stuff with an Irish accent.


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