“You know when your dog is having a bad dream? That’s who I pray to.” – Moe Szyslak

It has been a big couple of weeks since I posted that I’m going to be doing a new record. In that time, we’ve gotten a new royal baby, a shirtless selfie pic of Geraldo, the Twinkie has returned, and the George Zimmerman verdict happened. But I don’t really want to talk about any of that…so instead I’m doing a random post. Enjoy!

  1. I’ve got a gig coming up. It will be an acoustic, solo gig at The Merge on September 13. I’ll be playing a lot of stuff from the new record, and I’m very excited to announce that my friend (and “Things I Meant to Say” alum) Tim Heeley will be accompanying me on congas. I’m really looking forward to it!  (I guess technically they’re still looking for another band to play too, but I’m excited enough I’m going to talk about it now, hoping the bill rounds out.)
  2. On Thursday night, I went to the Muny to see Les Miserables with my friends Jeremy, Dani, Andy, and Matt. It was a wonderful production and I got all teary-eyed in all the right places. Les Miserables has been my favorite musical ever since high school when we sang a medley from it in choir (thanks for that, Mr. Koontz, where-ever you are). I really enjoyed seeing it again, and enjoyed the folks I sat with even more than the show itself. (Even though it was–to use a phrase from a source that shall go nameless–“Hotter than two mice fucking in a wool sock.”)
  3. On Friday, Jeremy and I met a bunch of folks on Art Hill to watch “The Princess Bride” play on a screen that wasn’t quite big enough and speakers that weren’t quite loud enough. But it was still fun, and it was a really nice night for it. Movie totally holds up, by the way.
  4. And yeah…the record… I’m about 75-80% done with it, I’d say. I’m doing a very DRY mix just to make sure everything is fitting together okay, then I’ve got a few things I want to add. I considered rushing production to have it out in time for the September 13th gig, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I want to live with it a while before I throw it out into the world. And I’m considering a small lyrical re-write on “Stay Away from Andy.” Because I think I’m underselling why people should stay away from him…right now he just sounds irritating, but tolerable, ha ha. (And yes that song’s based on someone I know. And no, his real name isn’t Andy.)
  5. If you’re wondering what’s going on with my band The Social Gospel…well so am I. Situations have limited our rehearsal time severely and I’m not comfortable with things how they are at this time. We are evaluating what way to go with it. Still hoping to get out in front of people soon though. Songs are too good not to, if I do say so myself.
  6. I finished the Harry Potter books since the last time I wrote. I loved the series and I’m presently watching the movies. (The fourth movie was NOT great.) My overall review is that the only complaint I have is that I didn’t start sooner. I had such a deep connection to the material just reading through the books over the course of a couple of months that I can only imagine how great it would have been to have the anticipation of a new book, not knowing the MAJOR spoiler from book 6 before reading it, and growing up with the story. I feel like I missed out a little…but at the same time, it might have driven me NUTS to wait for years and years between books! 🙂 Oh…and because I for some reason can’t be bothered to remember the names of the books, I have my own fake names for them. They are as follows:
    1. Harry Potter and the Rocks in His Pocket.
    2. Harry Potter and the Case of the Curious Pen Pal.
    3. Harry Potter and the One with Gary Oldman in it.
    4. Harry Potter and the Something-Something.
    5. Harry Potter and the Guys that are a Thing.
    6. Harry Potter and the Gentlemen’s Agreement.
    7. Harry Potter and Now I’ve Got to Buy the Movies.
  7. At church on Sunday, we devoted about 20-30 minutes to talking about how the Bible was put together and some of the possible faith-problems that can come up as a result. (EG – The Bible was essentially approved by a council, and they left out some stuff that COULD have gone in… There are parts of the Bible that we’re pretty sure weren’t in the original manuscripts… We don’t actually HAVE the original manuscripts… And so on…) And I get it…but I was still kind of bored. I really don’t know why that kind of thing is a big deal to people. It’s the STORY that’s important, not how it was written. If anything the seemingly slap-dash nature of the Bible’s assembly helps it out. You’ve got people separated by (at the time) GREAT distance and writing at different times with no knowledge of one-another’s works, and they all still agree. That’s pretty strong evidence FOR the material, not against it. I don’t know why someone’s faith would be challenged by that kind of thing… If it helps, we don’t have the original draft of the US Constitution either…but if you try to reject the copies, they tend to throw you into prison for being an asshole…so… Anyway… I think it’s obvious I’m not going to ever be thought of as a great apologist…
  8. Went to Texas Roadhouse for my brother’s birthday. Had a really great Prime Rib. I’m still thinking about it…
  9. I’m thinking of taking a vacation if I can swing it at work. Not sure if I’d go anywhere or not (and I refuse to use the made-up word “staycation” to describe that). But I would like a few days in a row of nothing. I haven’t ever really taken a PROPER vacation. Part of that is because I’m the type of guy who uses up his PTO on nonsense…but also I just haven’t. And I’d really like to. This may be a pipedream…

And I don’t know…that’s it, I guess.  Hope to type at you again soon.

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