Big Announcement, with Apologies to My Band

Okay. Well. Here it is.

I accidentally wrote a new solo record. And it isn’t the “Pop Art Manifesto” record I was championing last year. This one is WAY more lo-fi than that one will ever be (and I still plan on getting to that sooner or later). The new record will be out by the end of the year. Actual release date forthcoming. It is presently 50% recorded and will be 75% or so over the weekend.


Album Title: “Ink Stained Fingers”

Track List:
1. Slip Away
2. Everything Good
3. The Girl
4. Of Death and Dying
5. Pretty Much the Story of My Life
6. Holding On
7. Velvet Elvis
8. The Ring I Almost Gave Her
9. Stay Away from Andy
10. Worth It
11. Yours Sincerely
12. Still Alive

All subject to change, of course. And I’ll fill you in on more of the details in the coming weeks, I’m sure. This one is going to be a fairly “different” project that’s more laid back and earthy feeling than the previous stuff. I’m excited. So excited that I screwed up and made a record.



Current Listening:
Cranberries – Best of…
Neil Young – After the Goldrush


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