“…we’re disobeying an unjust law here. We’re patriots, like… all those people in jail.” – Homer Simpson

As is my habit when I write a weighty post, I’m following it up with a less-weightly, random post. So, yay!

  1. In a slight follow-up to my previous post… I’ve mentioned on the blog and to many, many people over the past couple of years that I “lean Deist” in my religious beliefs. After the intense experience of last week, I just don’t think I can do that anymore. God seems to care too much for me to remain a Deist. I think I just didn’t want to accept that He is still loving, even in bad times. It was somehow easier to believe that He wasn’t involved than to believe in His love being enough. I just can’t embrace that logic anymore. If anything, God’s love completely defies logic. I think I would prefer to cling to THAT.
  2. So my car developed an oil leak. Watch out for potholes, folks. They’re bad news. It was fixed in a day, and the mechanic was friendly and more than competent.  It’s nice to have a reliable mechanic, but it kinda sucks to NEED them, y’know?  Anyway…I’ve got the car back and all is fine.  Thanks to my dad for the assist in getting it all taken care of today and for the loan of his car so I didn’t have to miss more work.
  3. I’m about halfway through the fifth Harry Potter Book (“Harry Potter and the Guys that are a Thing”). It’s good. A lot more “core story” right up front than in the previous books and it’s building really nicely toward something I don’t see coming yet. I like how Rowling seems to have allowed her storytelling and themes to “grow up” along with the original audience. If the first book was read by a 10-year-old, they would’ve been 16 by the time they read this one in the first pressing. And this feels a LOT more grown up than the first book. I’ve been very impressed with watching that transition happen through my quick read of the series.
  4. Random thought: There should always be ONE person in your life that knows your internet password(s). Y’know…in case you die or something…
  5. Leading worship at Pursuit this weekend. I’ve been used sparingly in past months, partly at my own request, but I’m really looking forward to it this week. I’ve missed it more than I thought I did.
  6. I was playing guitar the other night and kicked on a heavy delay effect. Ditched my pick and just started improvising with different melodies in the key of A major. Played some of my own lines and some hymns and stuff, all strewn together with no real idea what was going to come out of my fingers next. After I came back upstairs, Jeremy called it “haunting.” That might be about right. When I do stuff like that, I always feel like that’s the most honest I am with myself as a musician, and in some ways as a person. I feel like those melodies are the ones that are inside of me that I normally don’t have the guts to explore for fear of botching the leads… I guess if it sounded any good, then it was somewhere inside of me and it just needed to come out. Wish I’d have recorded it.  I don’t get called “haunting” every day!
  7. Speaking of recording, I gave recording the band a shot at practice on Tuesday. It was rough. We didn’t play very well and I had at least one microphone not working right. It was actually kind of discouraging. Going to try again next week. Hoping that even if the mics don’t work right again, at least we’ll play better. It always sucks to know you’re not playing up to your own standard…and then when you’ve got THREE guys all feeling that same weight, it’s just a bad night. I listened back to some of it and just kept thinking, “I swear we’re better than that…” But at least I nailed the solo in “Just Another Day,” I guess… (That might be my favorite song we do in the band…)
  8. Watched a good amount of the new season of “Arrested Development” tonight.  It was better than I was expecting.  I think it helped that I was watching it with a couple of people who have a genuine love for the show.  It’s tough not to enjoy something that your friends are enjoying right next to you.
  9. I should really go to bed…it’s after midnight.  But this DVR ain’t gonna watch itself…
  10. Really, Internet spell-check?  You won’t accept “ain’t” as a word?  What are you, my third grade teacher (Mrs. Staude)?

Well if that’s not a note to go out on, I’m not sure what is…  Goodnight, all!


Current Listening:

  • …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Lost Songs
  • And I’m going to rock some Aimee Mann in the car on the way in to work in the morning.

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