“That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college!” – Homer Simpson

Okay. Let’s do a random post. Because I want to…

  1. Finished up reading the fourth Harry Potter book (“Harry Potter and the Something Something”) last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit and the fifth one was delivered to the house today–thank you very much, Amazon gift card. I have noticed though that the style of the books is that 85% of them are background info leading up to the remaining 15% of core story in the last few chapters of the book. You could almost just start 3/4 of the way through and be okay. But you’d miss a lot of fun if you did that, of course. One problem though. Even knowing the cast of the movies, when I’m reading these books, I don’t see Daniel Radcliff as Potter…I see Elijah Wood. Because Elijah Wood stole my cinematic heart in Lord of the Rings, and now he’s in pretty much every book I read. In this one, he’s got stupid glasses on.
  2. I managed to skirt blogging about my birthday, didn’t I? Well… It happened. I’m 33 now. I wasn’t too excited about my birthday this year. I was having a bad week leading up to it, and to be honest I am starting to feel a LOT older than most of the people I presently think of as my best friends (who are for the most-part 5 years or so younger than me). I know that’s stupid, and I don’t know WHY I’m feeling that. It’s just kind of there. Some people would embrace it and be fine with being the wise old sage of their group. I feel like the irresponsible, bitter, old assface of mine most of the time. Funny…I usually think of my birthday as my own personal New Year. This year I didn’t. I mostly tried to ignore it. Maybe it’ll come back around next year. Regardless though, when I hit 33 & 1/3 (Sept 29) I’m going to go buy a shitload of vinyl.
  3. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned on the blog that I’m now a fan of Downton Abbey. If I didn’t…I am. And after getting the 3rd Season DVD for my birthday, I’m all caught up and anxious for another season.
  4. I finished reading Brennan Manning’s memoir “All is Grace” tonight.  I am very sad that I have no more new books to look forward to from Brennan.  But I am deeply grateful for every word I’ve read.  This was a particularly moving read, with his death still being so recent, and with some of the subject matter described.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I happened to read a book where he is starkly confessional about his alcoholism right when I make the choice to stop drinking.  Or that I read his story of finally coming to peace with the rocky relationship he had with his mother and finally finding a way to forgive her for the mistakes she made just a few weeks after I visited my mother’s grave for the first time in almost 20 years.  Brennan’s words seem to always be what I need, when I need them…and as I said in my post about people who made me love words,  I have not yet fully absorbed his loss.
  5. I mentioned some diaries I keep in a recent post. Seems like any time I mention them, someone asks me about them… So here’s a short summary of the five I regularly keep:
    • Diary Name: The Mundane
      Purpose: Day-to-day journal.
      This is where I write down the (mostly) boring details. Stuff like places I went to eat, parties I went to, bands I saw, and ways I feel about stuff. I don’t write in it every day–though I certainly MEAN to… I got out of the habit of writing in this one daily by accident when I was switching from one book to another and had a few days in-between where I didn’t write because I didn’t HAVE the new book. So now I write in it mostly when something BIG happens, or when I just need to put my bitching onto paper. (And there’s a LOT of bitching in this one, I’m afraid.) It’s for the type of stuff I’d blog about if I wanted to be even more boring and have even more enemies.
    • Diary Name: The Music or the Misery
      Purpose: A more or less daily log of music I listen to.
      This is another one I often forget to update, mostly because so much of what I listen to happens while I’m driving. I’ve gotten better about it lately though. It’s mostly just a quick list of what the particular CD was that was playing in the background that day. Don’t usually go into any further detail, unless it’s a new release/first listen (which I’ll note) or there’s something extra-special about it like I’m listening to it because somebody in the band died or something.
    • Diary Name: Reading Journal
      Purpose: I think this one’s fairly self-explanatory.
      I use this diary to write down what I read and my thoughts on it. Sadly, though I read a lot, I often forget to write in this one until I’ve reached the END of a book. I fail to note a lot of my journey along the way–and isn’t that the fun part? But still, it serves as a pretty good recap of the stuff I enjoy. Or hate. Or whatever. And I like looking back through it and remembering the fun of reading a particular book and what I was going through at the time… And sometimes it reminds me to FINISH books I’ve errantry set aside.
    • Diary Name: Best Three Things
      Purpose: I’m sure I’ve talked about this one before. Every day, I write down the best three things that happened that day.
      It doesn’t have to be anything world-changing or majorly important. It doesn’t really even have to be anything really WORTH writing down. The “Best Three Things” that happen to you in the course of a day kind of works on a sliding scale. Some days, I might list a major personal achievement or awesome happening… But on a day where everything is going wrong, an entry might just be that I enjoyed a new episode of Deadliest Catch. Here’s one at random… My “Best Three Things” for 5/9/13 were: (1) Went to see Jurassic Park in 3-D with Jeremy, Keeler, Dani, and Josh. (2) Finally feeling mostly well (I’d had a cold). (3) Stayed up really late for no good reason, watching TV after the movie. …stuff like that. And I’m actually pretty religious about writing in this one EVERY day.
    • Diary Name: ???
      Hmm?: What?
      My fifth regular diary WAS called “Serious Drinking” and was a log of beers, wines, and liquors I’ve enjoyed. But as I’m now not drinking, I’m going to need to have a new diary, I guess… I was thinking of either a log of songs/sets I personally PLAY (opposed to the list of stuff I just listened to), or a thing where I just specifically write about people I know or something… I don’t know. This one’s pending… 🙂
  6. RANT: I’ve seen a rash of friends “deleting” their Facebook pages recently.  (Though–word to the wise–it’s never actually gone.  Facebook keeps your page on file forever.)  More often than not I see that from Christian friends who claim they’re finding Facebook a distraction from their “real life” and they want to focus more on God.  That’s what they SAY.  What they mean is, “I don’t want to keep in touch with all of you anymore and I’m using God as my copout.”  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everything you do IS your “real life” and the people who you’re disconnecting with on Facebook are REAL people.  Don’t insult them by saying they’re not part of your real life, and at least have the decency to admit you’re choosing to leave those relationships hanging.  Even if you DO feel a religious guilt for the amount of time you spend on Facebook, it’s not your place to designate other human beings as not being meaningful and in essence telling them that they are wasting their lives by being connected to one another while you cloister yourself on your holy hill.  Those who withdraw from social media actually kind of sadden me.  They’ve LEFT real life for a fantasy of how they think their life SHOULD be–and they’ve left REAL FRIENDS behind in the process.

This thing has gotten longer than I anticipated, even though it seems like I didn’t write that much…  Huh…  I’m going to call it here.  Going to escape into a world of wizards and spells for a while.  Then I’m going to read more Harry Potter.


Current Listening:

  • Steve Martin & Edie Brickell – “Love Has Come for You” – I don’t use the word “flawless” very often…but there it is.  Absolutely great record.

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