“You’ll release the dogs, or the bees, or the dogs with bees in their mouths, and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?” – Homer Simpson

Hi y’all. Haven’t written in a long while. Been a few weeks. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy. Or haven’t had much to say. Or whichever of the usual excuses works for you this time. Point is I’m writing now and it’s time we caught up. So let’s do the random thing…

  1. It’s almost my birthday. On May 29, I will have officially wasted 33 years. Y’know I always said I planned to die by the age of 25. Reaper’s tried a couple of times, but so far I’ve been allowed almost eight years of borrowed time. Good for me.
  2. The band is forming our plan for world domination. We’re going to start recording practices and see if we can get an EP or something out of it. And we talked about dong something more “official” too. We’ll see where it goes. Sending out feelers for places to play too. Hoping to get some dates on the calendar soon. I’m sure I’ll keep you posted.
  3. Progress on the Harry Potter read-through. I’m midway through the fourth book. I’ve been enjoying the series very much. I slowed down on it for a week or so for a few reasons–mainly because I borrowed seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey from my friend Dani (and that’s a GREAT show, by the way–it is possible that I am in love with the character of Anna)… But now I’m back into the books. Still kicking myself that I didn’t start years ago.
  4. Been in a lot of bad moods lately. Think I need more sleep. Or less. I’m not sure how it works with me…
  5. Been wearing business casual attire at work lately. Wasn’t initially my choice, but I’ve actually enjoyed getting the sport coats out of retirement. I miss my jeans though. The nice pants feel so complicated and like I’ve got to be so careful about them. But the coats and I get along.
  6. Rewired my guitar rig. Again. Arrived at a really cool clean tone…but need to round out the distortion a little. I love that whole process. Even when it sucks, it’s still pretty fun.
  7. Got a busy weekend ahead. Got a Drive-By Truckers show coming up on Friday night, birthday dinner on Saturday, my dad’s club’s annual Memorial Day picnic on Sunday, and a much needed day off on Monday. I’m exhausted already!
  8. Massively behind in my comic book reading on account of reading all the Harry Potter. That…might be the dorkiest thing I’ve ever written…
  9. I unwittingly signed on to a group LOST re-watch. I discovered that I’m apparently at the point in my relationship with LOST that I hear someone say “re-watch” and I think “again?” The show’s still great…but god damn I’ve watched a lot of it. I think I need to leave the show sitting on the shelf for about two or three years then do a re-watch after I’ve forgotten why I love it. But, I like the people involved in the current re-watch, so I’ll stick with it… I’ll consider it the last-goodbye before it gathers dust on my shelf for a few years. (That time period is, of course, up for alteration if a pretty girl wants to watch it with me. I always do what pretty girls tell me to do.)

I don’t know…wanted to write more, but I’m out of steam. I’ve got a couple of things half-written that I’ll post soon, I promise. Until then…this is now…

Recent Music Purchases:

  • Tegan & Sara – Heartthrob – I absolutely LOVE this record.
  • Water Liars – Wyoming – Sleepy…decent…but holy crap sleepy…
  • Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart – Really really good. Not as great as his previous release (“England Keep My Bones”) but still a really strong release. “Plain Sailing Weather” might be my favorite song for Spring this year.

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