Killing Time by Cherishing It

I’m writing this from my phone while sitting in my favorite bar, awaiting my favorite burger. Will wonders never cease?

My town got hit by a tornado last night. The news is saying “unconfirmed tornado,” but I’ve seen the trees embedded in the houses and the snapped telephone poles and BULLSHIT, it was a tornado.

I’m fine. Everybody I love is fine. My house is fine. Will wonders never cease?

I was driving home when it hit. We’d just wrapped a church meeting and my roommate Jeremy and I were driving down the road in the dark and the rain when suddenly we couldn’t see anything except the exploding transformer off to our left. I pulled into a parking lot–instinct. We sat there until the rain let up (only a few minutes) and then notices debris from the sign and building we were parked next to. The tornado had passed right over us. Cheated the Reaper again. Then we drove home with limbs all over the place. And the house was fine. TV even worked.

And now I’m in Blueberry Hill, the by-God WHO is on the stereo and I’m about to eat and eat well.

Order’s up. I’m going to enjoy this.

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