On a Lighter Note

Yesterday’s post got a little heavy. So here’s a list of twenty people I think would look funny as rabbits.

1. Kevin Smith
2. Morgan Freeman
3. Dave Coulier (or any Full House cast member, really)
4. Jason Segel
5. Kevin Bacon
6. Anne Hathaway
7. Jennifer Lawrence
8. Ben Affleck
9. George Carlin
10. Dame Helen Mirren
11. Elton John
12. Cee-lo Green
13. Ellen Degeneres
14. The weirdly hot girl on The Following, whose name I don’t know.
15. Glenn Beck
16. The president. Or any president, probably.
17. Hugh Laurie
18. David Bowie
19. Howie Mandell
20. David Letterman

Hope that was as fun for you as it was for no one!