What a weird, weird, exhausting week…

Well this has been a hell of a week. What a roller-coaster! I’m just going to write about it kind of stream-of-consciousness-like…

On Friday, as my previous post covered, I found out that my aunt Shirley died. That kind of thing tends to re-write your plans to begin with. By Saturday evening, I knew that the proceedings would take place on Tuesday and Wednesday and I scheduled it accordingly to be there. I planned to still go into work on Monday for a half-day, and tie up a few loose ends in the afternoon.

So…I drove to work Monday…almost. I was within shouting distance of the building, sitting at a stoplight. I was the first one behind the line, not moving at all. A lady in oncoming traffic fell asleep behind the wheel, veered off to her left and slammed right into me. Plans re-written again.

My car is a total loss. The driver was (I’m pretty sure) uninsured, and caused damage to five cars (including her own) before waking up. On the plus side, I cheated the Reaper AGAIN. On the minus side, he got my car. I don’t really care about the car. I mean I NEED one…but a car’s just a car. It’s by the grace of God (or somebody) that no one was hurt or killed, and that’s what’s really important. For now, I’m in a rental and I’m still breathing (I feel great, actually).

I skipped over a few things with the weekend to tell the part about the car, though… A few things did go as planned. Some of them GLORIOUSLY as planned. On Friday, my roommate and I hung out and had some good food. On Saturday, we both went over to the home of our friends the Lynns and hung out, then out with some friends called the Duvalls…then back to the Lynns. 🙂 And it was great. And on Sunday, we helped the Lynns move into their new apartment (down the street) with a bunch of other people that I like, too (including one of the Duvalls, as I’m sure you were wondering). So–before the big crash–I got to hang out with good friends and learn some more about some NEW friends. And that’s good. Who gives a shit about the car, when you’ve got good friends, right? (And Jeremy, Brandon, and Kaylene–in case I don’t say it enough, you guys mean the world to me.)

…then Monday…which, yes, was a bummer…but at least I got the day off, I guess…

Anyway… Went to Shirley’s visitation and funeral on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Closed casket…which I understand, but somehow that just never feels like saying goodbye to me. But then I wasn’t asked, and it isn’t my place to say it. Most of the family that is able to travel turned up for it. It was great to see everybody and share some stories. When we arrived at the graveside, it was lightly snowing. I’ve always thought that kind of thing would be beautiful…but it was mostly just freezing. Still, it was a nice service, and a fitting memorial to Shirley. Someone pointed out that she probably would’ve gotten a laugh at us all standing out there, freezing. One last laugh for Shirley. Way to go. (And family–in case I don’t say it enough, you guys mean the world to me, too.)

And today I went to work, and life resumed as normal.

It’s been a weird week. I’ve laughed and cried and at least once shouted “What the hell, lady???” (Though in my defense, that was inside my car, to myself. I then got out and immediately went over to her car to check on her–she was rattled but not hurt, and I did my best to help her calm down and get out of the car. I am sad to report that I was the only one to check on her at all.)

And…despite the things that were bad or sad or whatever… I feel good. I don’t know what it is…but I feel good. Maybe I’ve grown as a person. Maybe I’ve let go of a few things. Maybe I sustained a severe blow to the head that made me unable to feel sadness or anger. Hard to say. But whatever it was, I think Patterson Hood put it best in his song, “A World of Hurt…”

“It’s great to be alive.”

Have a good weekend, y’all.


Current Listening:

Frank Black – Christmass

Billy Talent – Dead Silence

Sex Pistols – …Bollocks (Because today was Johnny Rotten’s birthday.)

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