“Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!” – Troy McClure

Time for another chapter from “Stuff in Derek’s Head.” Here’s stuff!

  1. On Facebook (and in real life) I have been asking people what the first album was that they bought with their own money. Facebook thread got over 30 responses. Guess people like nostalgia. First one I ever bought with my own money was Aerosmith’s first record. I was under the age of 10…the record had been out for over a decade (or so–not sure on the original release date) and I liked “Dream On” a lot. Over time, I drifted away from Aerosmith, once I reached the age of finding sexual metaphors silly and embarrassing ..but I’ve kept up with them a little and popped the Greatest Hits into the player in the last week or two. Lots of songs I really love–some I forgot I loved…and I’ve had the outro of “Rag Doll” stuck in my head all week.
  2. I want to clear something up… (***Serious face.***) I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago after the Newtown killings about how I don’t want kids. It addressed that I’ve said that for a long time and I got into the “why” of it–and it’s more than the selfishness people expect, and it’s not the stereotypical guy stuff… A couple of people have been nice enough to ask questions or chat with me about it since…and just to be clear about the subject, since people keep asking. No…I don’t WANT kids…but that’s not to say I’d never HAVE them. If I fell in love with someone and she needed to have a kid (or so) to be happy, I could do that, and I could be a good dad, and love the kid(s). It’s just not a life goal, and in the current world-climate, frankly I find it scary. But it’s not a deal breaker…so if you were considering someone for me as a blind date, go nuts, I guess…
  3. Been writing new songs by the butt-full. (Trying to get “by the butt-full” to catch on. So far, no one likes it.) Handed the band five new songs on CDR last night. I’m excited about them. My writing’s taken some different turns in recent weeks, and I am looking forward to exploring the new material with the band. Even got a few POSITIVE lyrics in there. (I know, right? Weird!) I’m challenging myself to write differently and cover different subjects, and I’m pretty happy with what I’m coming up with. Hope the other guys are, too… Unfortunately, it seems that any time I hand out a CD of 5-10 new songs, two of them make it and the others sink…and often my favorites are the ones we never touch. We’ll see what happens with this batch.
  4. Kind of big announcement that isn’t totally being announced yet because it isn’t actually ready… In February, I’m going to be updating my website to offer downloads of my music, and I’m working with software that is going to allow me to set the price at a variable rate. In English… Starting in February, if you want to download any of my music through my website, you can pay WHATEVER you want. I’ll even take $0.00. I just want people to listen to it. (Actually I’m not sure it’ll let me do $0…but maybe $0.01?) As far as I’m concerned, that rule is already in effect for CD purchases. If you want one for free let me know and I’ll get you one (or even all three releases). If you’d feel bad taking them for free and want to give me $5 or $10 or $7,000…I’ll take it. Whatever. And I won’t be offended if you want them for free. At this point, I might even prefer it that way. (Please note this applies ONLY to SOLO Derek Brink releases. Anything done with a different band is subject to whatever prices that band sells their stuff for–I can’t give you free Michael Feldman or Two Hangmen CDs because that involves someone else’s bank account.) So…look for the downloads next month…or if you want a CD, talk to me NOW.
  5. Speaking of Mike Feldman… I think I’m done with his new album. It’s fully mixed and mastered. Awaiting his final review. There might be one small fix needed if I over-did it on the reverb on a vocal track…but otherwise, we’re done. Exciting! It’s a great record he can be proud of, and I hope you’ll all check it out once it’s available for purchase.
  6. Shara Lyn Puckett is one of my oldest friends. We’ve known each other 21 years. (Our friendship can now legally drink.) She lives in Haiti now and has gotten engaged to a guy from there. Didn’t see that coming in fourth-grade, I can tell you! (But probably could’ve by high school.) I wish her all the best. Proud of the work she’s doing.
  7. I know this is a deeply divisive issue, and I apologize in advance for any hurt feelings…  But…  Contrary to everyone I went to Bible College with, I just wanted to take a second and applaud President Obama for being the kind of politician willing to risk his career and legacy to say what his base actually WANTS him to and what he actually BELIEVES rather than saying what he thinks will be the easiest cop-out he can offer. And shame on the Christians and other dangerous lunatics who wish him or others harm, as represented in my Facebook feed. (Please note, I am NOT talking about all gun-owners–just some very specifically scary ones.)  And that’s all I’ll say about it. (However, I am awaiting a long rant in the comments about abortion–which isn’t the issue…sigh…)
  8. Been reading “Science Set Free” by Rupert Shekdrake. It’s good. It explores the concept that we’ve been assuming the “laws” of science are true without actually testing them. And so far, he’s proven several of the “laws” are at best predictable habits and not necessarily firm absolutes. Very enjoyable read from a scientist who is applying the Scientific Method TO the Scientific Method.
  9. I’ve spoken of the band a little bit. We’ve been calling ourselves Two Hangmen for a while. Made sense when it was just me and Dave. But now that there’s also a drummer, we’re looking for a new name. (However, there’s a good chance that Dave and I will do another two-man recording project as “Two Hangmen” in the not terribly far-off future…so we’re not abandoning that.) I’m throwing everything I can think of at the wall to see what sticks, but nothing has yet. Band names are hard. Difficult to please everyone. I know I’ve thrown out a couple I was in love with and they were rejected. It happens. Hopefully we’ll land on something soon. Otherwise, we’re getting dangerously close to being Rod Torfulson’s Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck. (10 Internets to anyone who didn’t have to Google that reference.)

…and that’s all for now. I got political and that’s something I try not to do very much on the blog–we’re here to have a good time–so maybe I’ll keep this one shorter.


Current Listening:

  • Aerosmith – Big Ones (Compilation)
  • Lou Reed – Perfect Night (Live in London)
  • Derek Brink – Demos for whatever the hell my band is called…

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