My List Isn’t Ready Yet So Here’s Something Else…

I have one more record I have to fully absorb before the top ten of 2012 is finalized. It’s really really close and I’ll have the final list posted by the end of the week, but there’s a late entry I need to think about.

While I’m making the last-minute decision, I thought I’d share some of my other favorites for the year. So here–in fairly random order–are some of my favorite things of 2012.

Favorite comic books: Punk Rock Jesus. Batman. Bedlam. Before Watchmen (especially the Minutemen title). Fatale.

Favorite new movies: Really only saw the Hobbit. So…that.

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who. House. Big Bang Theory. Conan. Top Gear.

Favorite Beers I’d Never Had Before: Schlafly Winter ESB. Boulevard Tank 7. Schlafly APA (which, in fairness, I’d had before, but I only this year figured out that I like APAs and IPAs). Guinness Generous Ale.

Favorite Wines I’d Never Tried Before: Barefoot Red Moscato. Simply Naked Moscato.

Most Used Guitars: Telecaster. Alvarez (acoustic). Les Paul.

Favorite Used Music Finds: “No Thanks!” Boxed Set. Lou Reed and John Cale’s “Songs for Drella” in the velvet packaging. Velvet Underground – “Scepter Studio Sessions” on vinyl. Soundtrack to “The Roadie” on vinyl–gift for my brother. RAMONES Anthology. Elvis Costello – Live at Hollywood High.

Favorite Books Read: Vonnegut’s “While Mortals Sleep.” Pete Townshend’s “Who I Am.” Willie Nelson’s “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.”

Song I’m ashamed I liked: Ke$ha – Die Young

Best Party I Went To – Probably the one where my roommate invented the character of Carp Smashington (long story). Although the New Years party last night was nice, too.

Best Concert I saw: As much as I enjoyed Aimee Mann and Ted Leo… This summer, I got to see Iron Maiden play almost all of the “Seventh Son” record live and the opening act was Alice Cooper. So that wins.

…and that’s it for now. I promise my top ten records are up next. Thanks for waiting and happy 2013 to y’all.

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