Queen 15

So with my Queen collection having been completed at Christmas (thanks again, Dad!), I’ve made myself a couple of Queen playlists. One is ridiculosly long and features songs no one cares about except for idiots like me (you’re goddamn RIGHT “Body Language!”). The other was more focused, and I’m going to share it with you now. On this list, I limited myself to using ONLY ONE song per each of their 15 albums. So I’m leaving off some of the obvious ones because there were others that I either like better or worked better. Only a couple of the choices picked themselves. Even still, it’s a pretty good list. (Listed song-title first, with album in parenthesis.)

Queen – Once Upon a Song:

1. “Now I’m Here” (Sheer Heart Attack)
2. “Breakthru” (The Miracle
3. “Seven Seas of Rhye” (Queen II)
4. “You Take My Breath Away” (A Day at the Races)
5. “Is This the World We Created…?” (The Works)
6. “Mother Love” (Made in Heaven)
7. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (A Night at the Opera)
8. “Flash’s Theme” (Flash Gordon–really the only choice on the record, even though “The Hero” is also passable.)
9. “Under Pressure” (Hot Space)
10. “Who Wants to Live Forever” (A Kind of Magic)
11. “The Show Must Go On” (Innuendo)
12. “Keep Yourself Alive” (Queen I)
13. “Bicycle Race” (Jazz)
14. “Save Me” (The Game)
15. “We Are the Champions” (News of the World)

I desperately wanted to put two tracks from a couple of the records on there. Difficult to use “Champions” but NOT “We Will Rock You” right before it. Terrible having to leave off “Tie Your Mother Down” and “Hammer to Fall” and “One Vision” and even “I Want to Break Free” etc…but one song is one song. And those were my choices. If you disagree, so do I. 🙂

Up next…the annual TOP TEN RECORDS list!

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