Seven Reasons I Love The Who

Last post was super heavy about stuff that makes me sad… So now I’m going to write a post about something that makes me happy. And there are few things in life that make me feel happier or stronger than The-by-God-WHO. So, I present (likely with typos my phone will not catch)…


1. The music–obviously. Catchy, but complicated. On the surface level, they’re simple. But once you dig in, you find a delicate jigsaw puzzle of melodies and chord structures that DEFINE “complicated.” And the lyrics…good God the lyrics! In high school, any time I felt like no one understood who I was or what I was about, I’d throw on “Quadrophenia” and I felt like at least The Who got it.

2. The anarchy. Wether smashing the equipment, driving cars into hotel pools, blowing up the Smothers Brothers, or just plain-old breaking new musical ground…who doesn’t love a little mayhem?

3. The bass. The bass is often overlooked in most bands…but once you start listening to The Who and figure out that “ALL OF THAT is coming from ENTWISTLE?!?” it’ll change the way you think about the instrument.

4. I love concept records. And The Who gives you plenty of them.

5. Roger Daltrey’s chest. You heard me.

6. The DANGER of their live sets. You never know/knew what was going to happen. Keith might blow up the stage. Pete might hit Abbie Hoffman over the head with a guitar–or just SAY something so goddamn irresponsible you question his sanity. Roger might swing the microphone into the stars. Or they might completely fall apart…when the music works, it’s gold, but when they don’t synch up just right, it’s a trainwreck. And I love that. The Who just sound like danger to me.

7. Everything else.