I had dinner with a friend on Tuesday and during the course of the conversation, he asked me what my top five “go-to” records are. Tough question–as I said at the time.

I listen to a lot of music. A LOT. Only FIVE??? I need more information for a question like that. What time of year is it? Is it raining? Snowing? Am I happy or sad or hungry or have I had too many tacos and topped it off with an ill-advised Guinness? There are just too many factors to answer that fairly!

I think I babbled my way into naming four…three of which I doubted immediately. The only one I’m sure of is The Who’s “Quadrophenia.” Better if I just give a list of artists (not even albums, just artists) I would CONSIDER. And even this probably contains some pretty major oversights.

So here’s the list: (Please note that I’m typing this from a phone app and I’m trying something that I THINK will correctly indent the list, but it could do anything, really. So bear with me if it’s all flashing or something.)

    1. The Who (obviously)
    2. Drive-By Truckers
    3. David Bowie
    4. Bruce Springsteen
    5. Pink Floyd
    6. Styx (a secret shame)
    7. Pearl Jam
    8. Cheap Trick
    9. Dream Theater
    10. Queensryche
    11. Queen
    12. Rush
    13. Dave Brubeck–may he rest in peace
    14. Miles Davis
    15. Johnny Cash
    16. Aimee Mann
    17. Michael Penn
    18. RAMONES
    19. Sex Pistols
    20. Descendents
    21. Iron Maiden
    22. Motörhead
    23. Lou Reed
    24. Frank Zappa
    25. U-2
    26. Iggy Pop
    27. Tree by Leaf
    28. Rich Mullins
    29. Neil Young
    30. Velvet Underground
    31. Pixies
    32. Leonard Cohen
    33. Ray Davis
    34. Beatles (?)
    35. Madison Greene
    36. Michael Manring
    37. Misfits

…and that’s my top five. Happy, Lucas?

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