Small hiatus…

Just wanted to note that I’m on a slight, unintentional hiatus from blogging. My laptop killed itself. I was trying to rip a CD into my iTunes and it froze and then died. The hard drive is just BLANK now. Everything’s gone. I’m in the process of arranging to get a desktop (I’m DONE with laptops) set up in a way that will return me to having Internet based fun…but until then, don’t expect to hear a lot from me, except for the quick, easy posts I can make to my tumblr page from my phone. 

I’m posting this from my phone right now. It is difficult and is a very crappy interface. This post took me 20 minutes. The iPhone was not meant for this. So I won’t keep doing this after this post. Also, the iPhone’s auto-correct sucks. It corrected “after” to “Alfred” six times and won’t let me go back to edit anything in the first paragraph. Thanks, Apple! You sucky bunch of sucks who suck!

…hope to see you soon…

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