“They said if I came in late again that I would get fired, and I can’t risk that, so I’m not going.” – Homer Simpson

Well, I let a week go by…so let’s catch up, random style.

  1. I met Claire McCaskill on Saturday.  She stopped by the grand opening of the North County location to say hello to workers and supporters.  I went and signed up to get more info on how I can help.  She spoke for about 10-15 minutes and was very good and energizing.  On Facebook, I said that I want to feel as excited and passionate about meeting my politicians as I would meeting my favorite bands…and that’s how I felt.  I was nervous and excited to say hello.  I said (I think this is verbatim), “God bless you and thank you for running.  I met Todd Akin in the 90s and I haven’t felt right since, so it’s an honor to meet you.”  And she laughed loudly and shook my hand.  She was very kind and graceful, and she looked great and seemed in high-spirits.  It was pretty cool.  And I also met Margo McNeil, who my Dad has known for a long time, but I don’t think I’ve met before.  I’m hoping to help out with her campaign as well.  It was a good afternoon.
  2. Played at church today, with Jeremy leading.  I for some reason am having trouble remembering the titles of a couple of the songs…  But I know “How Great Thou Art,” “Breathe,” and “Nothing But the Blood” were in there.  And I wore the Bowie shirt with the logo from the Doamond Dogs era.
  3. I’m putting a conscious effort into cleaning and decorating at the house.  It’s exhausting!  🙂
  4. A guy unfriended me on Facebook this week because when he tried to start a political argument with me, I pointed out that he hadn’t spoken to me in like 5 years and THAT’S what he chose to speak to me about–not my band, not my family, etc…but politics.  So we’re not friends anymore.  Oh well.  Hope he and his are well and remain well.  I’m not the one who walked away, and I’ll be kind if he should choose to walk back.  I’m sure he thought he was standing up for his principles.  Can’t fault someone for that.  Wasn’t even a big blow-out, for which he deserves credit.  This paragraph is probably longer than the words we traded.
  5. I can’t believe the weekend is already gone.  Totally not ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Just feels like there was so much more sleeping I was supposed to get done!
  6. I’ve been re-reading “Please Kill Me” (it’s a history of punk rock, if you’re unfamiliar).  It’s way better now than it was the first time I read it, mostly because I know more of the names now.  Going to make a soundtrack to go with it soon.  Presently just blasting Iggy Pop.  🙂
  7. In line with the decorating I’m doing at the house, I’m building what I’m calling a “Rock Wall.”  Posters and prints of my favorite rock bands, with apologies to Jeremy, who probably isn’t as big a fan of some of the stuff I’m putting up as I am.  So far, the Who and the Drive-By Truckers have found the wall.  Want to buy some more stuff though.  Thinking RAMONES, Bowie, Lou Reed (or Velvet Underground), Queen…so on.  I’m mostly just having fun dreaming about it.
  8. Found out that the Campbell’s Soup people have released cans with labels inspired by the Warhol soup labels, exclusively through Target.  GOT to get some.  Want to put them all along the tops of my cabinets, if I can get enough of them.
  9. Doctor Who is showing new episodes at the moment.  So yay!
  10. Best wishes to my friend Rick, who just left a 16 year job working at the Fantasy Shop (comic book store) to follow a dream and take a few chances.  I know I’ll see him around, but I’ll miss buying comics from him.  Hope he finds joy and success in whatever’s ahead!

Well, there’s plenty more to say…but I’m sleepy and I need to go to bed while I can sleep.  So I’ll try to post more during the week…but no promises.  I’m way more active on tumblr, and I find myself forgetting to write here.  So check that out, if you miss me.  🙂


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