A Day in the Life — Which is a really good Beatles song, but I’m not intentionally referencing it…

I typically wake up twice in the morning.  I set one alarm that is the time I really SHOULD get up.  Then I set a second alarm that is set for the last POSSIBLE second that I COULD get up and still arrive at where-ever it is that I need to go before anyone says, “You’re very late today” and I have to then explain that, “That’s because I didn’t get out of bed until ten minutes ago and I’ve given up on impressing you.”

I often get up ten minutes after the second alarm.

This morning (yesterday morning, to most of you, since it is now past midnight), I woke up to the first alarm and groaned.  It was Sunday morning, and usually on Sundays I’m a little bit keener to get up than on other days, because I know that even if I’m not feeling great or if I’m in a bad mood or frustrated, I’m going to see a few people I like at church and I’ll feel better after leaving than I did when I got there.  That was not the case this morning.  This morning, my first thought was, “Ugh…I really don’t want to do this.  I want to go back to sleep.  I don’t want to lift speakers, I don’t want to sing, and I don’t want to see people I like or who like me.  I want to go back to sleep and just stay in bed all day.”  I honestly thought, “Is there ANY way I can get out of church today???”

So I rolled over, awaiting the fabled Second Alarm.  And before the Second Alarm went off, I fell back to sleep…

…and I dreamed about “The Exorcist.”  No kidding.

Then the Second Alarm went off, and I turned it off and thought, “Well, maybe I should go to church.”  So…you know…whatever gets you out of bed.

Showered, got dressed in the Harvey Pekar tribute shirt, and drove the half-hour into the city to get ready for the service.  I got into the church and Chase helped me move in my gear.  I started setting up and Bruce came in, shot me a smile and came over to chat with me for a while.  I plugged in my guitar—I played the Telecaster—and played a little bit of Lou Reed’s “Dirty Blvd.” to tune up.  I realized after a few times through the melody that it was an odd choice…but that happens.  Then Bruce and I chatted some more, and Lucas came in and chatted with me, and I chatted with Alan and Dan and Robert and I drank some apple juice.  And before long it was time for the service.  I shared the “Exorcist” story.  People laughed—one lady looked mildly shocked.  That happens, too.

Then I played these songs:

  1. All Creatures of Our God and King
  2. O How I Love Jesus
  3. I Will Praise You

Then Lucas gave a wonderful sermon on Mark 1 in the area of vs. 14 to 20-something.  Then I played these songs:

  1. It Is Well With My Soul–Had trouble singing the second verse.  I often get a little overcome by the “I bear it no more” line.  Happened today too.
  2. Blessed Be Your Name

Then I hugged a friend of mine who’s having a baby.  Then I packed up and Chase and CJ helped me move stuff out to the car.  Lucas complimented me on the job I did leading the music—which was very nice of him, and he really didn’t have to go out of his way to do it.  I was so grateful that he did that I forgot to tell him how much I loved his sermon, too.  I made a mental note to tell him next time.  And then I drove home, having seen a few people I like and feeling better after leaving than I did when I got there.

And then I sat around, then had dinner with my dad, and for the last hour or so I’ve been reading about Andy Warhol and The Factory.

…and that was today.