“I say “radical”. That’s my thing that I say! I feel like I’m going to explode here…” – Milhouse Van Houten

Here’s the thing where I write stuff about things…

  1. I was sick a lot of last week.  Feeling much better now, though I still have some residual exhaustion and an occasional cough.  And I think I’ve succeeded in making several people around me sick, too–but what else is new?
  2. So…  Todd Akin is a colossal dick, huh?  To me, it’s not even a Republican/Democrat issue.  It’s not a pro-life/pro-choice issue.  Todd Akin said that victims of “legitimate rape” (sic) can “shut down” (sic) pregnancy.  And yet, in a survey conducted today, he’s STILL leading in the goddamned polls.  If Todd Akin wins this race, I’m seriously considering leaving Missouri.  If the voters are so irresponsible that we elect a man who doesn’t know what rape is, nor how basic reproduction works, then he can HAVE this state and it can have HIM.  They can slide into the deepest level of Hell together.  But I WANT to believe that common sense will prevail.  I WANT to believe that.
  3. Rest in peace to both Tony Scott and Phyllis Diller.  Sad to hear about both, particularly Tony Scott, as it would seem his death was completely unnecessary.  So sad to see someone feel that lost and helpless.  Diller, I deeply respect and I know how much she loved St. Louis—a woman who knew how to laugh and most of all how to laugh at HERSELF.  The world is poorer without that kind of person.
  4. I picked up the new CD by Metric this weekend (“Synthetica”).  I had previously bought “Live it Out” based on hearing “Monster Hospital” and assuming it was all like that.  It wasn’t, and I never really listened to it again.  Then I was in Vintage Vinyl and they started playing the new one.  I heard this beautiful music, and the most beautiful voice singing the words, “I’m just as fucked up as they say.”  And I was in.  I bought it and it hasn’t left my player yet.  It’s great.  It’s definitely going to be in my top 5 for the year, probably my top 3.  In fact, it might even hit #1, if the Aimee Mann record due out next month disappoints (though I don’t expect that).  Just a total breath of fresh air and exactly the record I need in exactly this moment in time.
  5. Got to get a plumber over to the house ASAP.  The sewer line has been flooding.  Needs to be cleared out.  I’ve got a little bit of cleanup to do and then the guy can come over.  Unfortunately it is looking like that won’t happen until Thursday at this point.  I particularly feel bad about having to keep Jeremy from doing HIS laundry.  In an emergency, I can go over to Dad’s, but he’s kind of stuck.  That’s not really fair to him, and I really wish it had been cleared up a week ago (minimum) when Dad and I snaked out the drain…but so it is, I guess.  Also, I need to get some of the boxes out of here that were soaked with the water.  The mildew is getting to me—and I think also Jeremy.  I’m sure it made my cold worse…need to buy some gloves to handle the boxes.
  6. Been kind of fed up lately.  Probably because I’ve been sick.  Possibly because it’s an election year.  Or maybe there’s just a lot of stuff that pisses me off, and a lot of stuff is changing.  Or all of the above.  Or none of the above.  Or whatever…
  7. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve bought a lot of music.  Everything from Metric to Soul Asylum to Lou Reed to Judy Garland.  I enjoy that, but…seriously…it’s getting weird over here.  Not to mention that I briefly considered stopping on my way home to pick up some Toto and UFO.  (Realized recently that I don’t own any UFO, which seems wrong and also I’ve had Toto’s “Africa” stuck in my head since hearing it over the weekend.)  Didn’t do that…but y’know…maybe next month.
  8. Looking forward to a rehearsal with Two Hangmen tomorrow night.  We’ve been gaining some momentum lately, I think.  Guess I should get back to work on the website/storefront.  I think we’ll be needing it soon!
  9. Sat around one day just playing guitar with no real focus.  Haven’t done that in a while.  Seems like every time I have played guitar in months it’s been for a band practice or a rehearsal for church or something else.  It was good to just noodle.

…and that’s it for now.  Just wanted to get something on the blog.