“Oh, oh: you see, the kids, they listen to the rap music which gives them the brain damage. With their hippin’, and the hoppin’, and the bippin’, and the boppin’, so they don’t know what the jazz…is all about! You see, jazz is like the Jello Pudding Pop — no, actually, it’s more like Kodak film — no, actually, jazz is like the New Coke: it’ll be around forever, heh heh heh.” – Somebody pretending to be Bill Cosby on the Simpsons that one time…

Since last time, I’ve started four posts I haven’t finished.  I am DETERMINED to write this one.  I guess I’ve been slacking on writing because I’ve been fairly discontent lately and I don’t like bringing that to the blog—but maybe it’s not too bad a thing if I do.  Nothing serious. Short version is that I need a change. Not sure what it will be, but if you’ve got any thoughts or tangible suggestions, they’d be appreciated.  Maybe I should just switch to decaf or something.

Moving on…here’s random bullshit…

  1. Before all else, I was surprised by just how deeply moved I was to hear about comedian Tig Notaro’s fight with cancer and her bravery in taking it to the stage.  Read about it here.
  2. Been enjoying the Olympics. I’m not usually one for sports, but I love the Olympics. It’s the peak of amateur achievement (or at least it’s SUPPOSED to be, thank you very much Serena Williams, et al) and I like that sort of thing. I like seeing someone who’s basically an average Joe rise to the occasion and hone their skills. I like watching someone’s sacrifice pay off. I like watching someone who lives off $400 a month (seriously–one of the weight-lifters only brought in $400 a month for a while) get their shot at Olympic gold. And (as a rant) it pisses me off immensely when someone looks from their armchair and belittles their achievements by saying what they’re doing is “not a sport” (eg – Trampoline, Badminton, Archery, etc–for some reason people are harsh toward those). These people have worked and sacrificed in ways most of us wouldn’t even dare think of to get where they are…and some dick complains that they’re awarded for it instead of a pro baseball player or defensive-lineman who—let’s face it—doesn’t need another moment in the spotlight, to flaunt their millions. Bullshit. Congratulations to those who EARNED the right to be in the Olympics. What you do is the PUREST form of sport and I salute you. All the armchair coaches who criticize your achievements and indeed your entire industry can go watch their baseball and football and pay the stars their millions. I’ll be watching you folks on the trampoline. …and go America, by the way.
  3. Those I’ve particularly enjoyed at the Olympics: Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky (I mean holy shit!  Good for her!), Gabby Douglas, Jessica Ennis (whom I find beautiful and terrifying) McKayla Maroney, and our seemingly unstoppable beach volleyball ladies. Unfortunately I’ve been missing much of the lesser-known stuff this year due to time-limitations and a lack of broadcast. I hear I’ve been missing some excellent soccer and that the speedwalking was pretty good too.
  4. Had a couple of recent gigs with the Michael Feldman Group.  Nothing many of the regular readers (if any) would have driven to.  I was in Defiance, Wentzville, and Lake St. Louis.  Only the last one was likely to draw anyone, but they couldn’t have gotten in—it was at a private country club.  Decent shows.  The one in Defiance was a lot of fun.  The one in Wentzville was outside on a deck in the heat and we were just background music for a hot rod rally.  Hard to gague…but I think we played well.  The country club was fine, but I was kind of in a bad mood through no one’s fault.  I think we sounded fine and people seemed to have a good time.  I just kinda ruined my own evening with my own crappy mood.  All in all, good to play with Mike again.  Probably the best guitarist I know and a genuinely nice guy.
  5. Jeremy has been living in my house for about a month.  I like having him here.  Keeps me sane and he’s a good cat (by which I mean human).
  6. Two Hangmen is rehearsing and trying to polish up a little bit.  Got some big plans.  Just have to get the band sounding as good as I know we can so we can get it off the ground.
  7. I’m behind on my comic book reading.  Been keeping up with Batman and the Before Watchmen series…but slacking on almost everything else.  Been kinda busy lately, so that’s probably a factor…hope I can make up some ground soon and get all caught up.  I love comic books and I’m disappointed that I’ve cared so little lately.
  8. I had some GREAT Chinese food last week.  I had no idea that I loved Hunan Shrimp until now.  But I do.  And that’s going to happen again SOON.
  9. Been swamped at work…and that’s all I really have to say about it.  Just busy.
  10. Church has been fine.  Played guitar while Jeremy led worship last week.  Here’s the song list:
    • Famous One
    • We Are Hungry
    • Come Thou Fount
    • Revelation Song
    • Wonderous Cross
      Guitar Played – Stratacoustic
      T-Shirt Worn – RAMONES
  11. I find it sickening that the media and indeed the court system keeps referring to the Aurora shooter as the “suspect.”
  12. For the record…  My stance on guns:  The only reason to own a gun is if you plan to shoot it.  So I’ve got to ask…what are you planning to shoot at?  (And if you’re going to say you’re prepared to shoot at “bad guys” or “terrorists” or whatever…yeah.  Good luck with that.)
  13. Haven’t blogged about my stance on the Chick-Fil-A fiasco.  I covered it on Facebook and on my Tumblr page…but in brief, so it’s here too.  Their sandwiches suck, their fries suck, and their so-called morals suck.  I’m a Christian and I’m an eater…and I’ll take my business elsewhere.  And they don’t get to have hurt feelings.  They took a hardline stance on an issue most consider to be a human rights issue.  That just *might* cause some people to turn away from your product.  Lay in your bed, with your “first wives” (so they also hate anyone who is in their second marriage, by the way) and I’ll lay in mine.
  14. I’ve taken to wearing bandanas in the heat to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  Very Springsteen.
  15. I’m taking a small hiatus from Facebook/Twitter this week.  I’ve been responding angrily to posts made by friends recently, and that’s not really what I want to use social media for…so I’m stepping back until I think I can have fun with it again.  Probably just a couple days.
  16. I had the New Yorker from McAllister’s Deli last week.  It was so good I felt like I should apologize to it for eating it so hard.
  17. There’s a new Aimee Mann record coming out next month.  That makes me happy.  Then probably a little sad, because that’s the kind of song she writes…  But whatever!  Placing my pre-order!

And that’s it.  Maybe I’ll blog more since I’m going sans-Facebook for a few days.