On the Subject of Liquor…kinda…

I have a China Cabinet at my house. I don’t know why either. Basically, it came with the house. It DOES have China in it. My parents’ wedding China…which I never use because of…reasons… So the cabinet is largely unused. I plan to change that by loading the bastard up with liquor.

Following is a list of liquors I would love to see in my cabinet. Now, I’m not going to buy these all at once–that would be VERY costly. I’m also not going to drink them all at once–that would be deadly. Some I may not ever buy at ALL because I mainly drink whiskey and I’m not really into mixed drinks. And even THAT I don’t drink very often because it’s expensive and I think of whiskey as sort of a sophisticated treat for every once in a while…not as something to pour down your gullet at every opportunity. (Plus, if I drank whiskey as often as I would ENJOY drinking it, I’d blow out my kidneys pretty quickly.) A couple of the below selections would/will likely just sit around, waiting for friends to request them at parties or what have you. But this is more or less my wish list, with a few explanations of why or what I particularly like about the liquor in question.

  • Whiskey: Maker’s Mark – Already in the cabinet–and in fact the only one so far. My favorite American whiskey. Especially on the rocks.
  • Whiskey: Paddy – My all time favorite whiskey. A little tough to find because it has to be imported from Ireland and not everybody’s willing to do that…so it also costs too much…but it’s excellent.
  • Whiskey: Bushmills – Most people know this one. I like it. Sort of the poor-man’s Paddy.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream – For coffee mostly. Or in case my friend Tara finds herself in Florissant with a drinking emergency.
  • Tequila: Cabo Wabo – Only tequila I like. Particularly partial to the blue bottle. Almost bought some today, except the grocery store had it locked up in a case and I didn’t feel like flagging down someone who worked there to get it for me.
  • Vodka: Grey Goose – Got to have SOME kind of vodka, and this is the one I know…
  • Rum: Malibu – Mainly for my dad… I don’t care for rum.
  • Scotch: Laphroaig – If you’re going to have a liquor cabinet, you’ve GOT to have some Scotch, and this is a good Scotch.
  • Gin: Tanqueray – Friend of mine drinks it…and it was either this or Gilbey’s…
  • Some kind of brandy – Because I’ve never had it, and it seems like I should have by now.

…and that’s the wish list.  I’ll be glad to accept any donations!  🙂

Maiden Countdown: 8 Days!

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