What it is, you jiiiiiiiiiive turkeys!

Hello.  I suck at updating…and I’ll probably still suck at it this week…  But I’ll probably suck at it less before the month is out.  (And if you’re wondering why all of the “I’s” in “jive,” it’s because you’ve got to SASS it!)  Fair warning…the spell-check on the blog is majorly misfiring right now.  It underlined “my” as being misspelled, but missed “r0ganized” (which was supposed to be “organized”).  So I don’t know what might be wrong in here.  But I digress…

I’m going to be spending the rest of this week running between my house and my dad’s condo.  I’m in the process of moving all of my stuff back over to the house full time.  It’s a big job.  Didn’t realize how much I had over there.  It’s been a long road from repairs to replacements to whatever…but I’m finally completely back in the house.

Also in the house is my roommate Jeremy.  He moved the bulk of his furniture and whatnots over today.  I need to bring him up to speed on a few of the intricacies of how the house works.  (That is to say that I need to tell him about the various shit that’s broken…like his bedroom door, which I noticed is slightly ajar as I walked by because he doesn’t know there’s a trick to it…you’ve got to pull upward and to the right a little bit to get it to close all the way.  It’s a bad hinge at the top.)  Anyhoo…he’s all moved in and that’s cool.

Additionally, my dad is presently sleeping on my couch.  Dad’s air conditioner went out yesterday, in a feat of extremely bad timing.  It’s like a million degrees in St. Louis right now so he can’t stay there without the AC.  I’ve got a couch…so there he is for a few nights—I believe it’s being fixed on Tuesday.  Fortunately, he’s always nice to friends of mine and is basically easy to get along with.

So lots of stuff is changing and moving forward.  I still have a lot to accomplish at the house, one room at a time…but it’s moving.  My main project right now is getting the master bedroom—my bedroom in top-shape and also getting the livingroom/diningroom in order.  Sounds like a bigger project than it is.  I’m not gutting these rooms like I did the bathroom and kitchen before them.  I’m basically just cleaning and organizing…and hopefully getting a new diningroom set, or at least some chairs, since there are presently only two chairs in there, and they’ve seen better days.  I’ll be posting some kitchen before-and-after pics on the tumblr soon.  I just had to dig up the “befores” which were saved on an external drive.  Now it’s just editing and posting…once I get the motivation.

So yeah…it has been busy.  But once I’ve got all of my stuff packed up, cleaned up, and brought over from Dad’s, it’ll settle a little…and maybe it’ll feel like I have a blog again.  I miss when I used to write every day…  Sigh…

Oh, and also, I played at Pursuit again today.  Here’s the song-list and so-on:

  • Water
  • Jesus, All for Jesus
  • How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Come Thou Fount
    Guitar Played: Parkwood acoustic
    T-Shirt Worn: Frank Black (Which led to me finding out that the pastor of the church is familiar with his work!)


Current Listening: …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “The Century of Self”