“If you don’t like your job you don’t strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way.” – Homer Simpson

Well, this is just becoming a Sunday night thing, isn’t it?  Not intentional.  If it helps anyone who wonders where I am between writings (weirdos), I haven’t been writing in my personal journals much either.  Just lazy about writing lately—probably because I’ve been so busy my freaking FINGERS hurt!

So here’s where we’ve ended up since the last time we spoke…or read…or whatever the hell you’re doing over there.  Frankly, I’m just hoping you’ve got pants on.

  1. First and foremost, congratulations are in order to my cousin Cory.  He got married last night and is probably officially honeymooning it right now.  He’s a good kid (and by “kid” I mean full-grown man who is like 10 years younger than I am) and I’m happy for him.  And welcome to the family, new-cousin Alyssa!
  2. Close to ready for my new roommate (Jeremy) to move in.  We were thinking about moving him in tomorrow, but I’ve just hit a couple of snags in getting the room/house ready.  A brief summary of things I’ve done in the past week…
    • Cleaned out all the stuff I had in there since my twenties…or even teens.
    • Moved out all the furniture.
    • Messed up a different room that was previously clean.
    • Attempted to clean the carpeting in the room.
    • Got pissed off at the carpet cleaner not working and ripped up the carpet.
    • Pulled 73 staples out of the floor, which were doing TOO good a job holding down the carpet pad.
    • Spackled and sanded.
    • Painted one of the walls of the room a weird pear color that I’m hoping works out once I get the area rug in there.
    • Got an area rug.
    • Ruined at least one pair of pants with the spackling and sanding and painting.  Good thing I wear Wranglers.  Only $15 to replace them!
  3. Getting more and more excited about seeing Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper in a couple weeks!
  4. Played at church today.  Jeremy led and a guy called Dave (who I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before—but he’s a really great guy) played a conga, which was a new addition.  It went really well.  On the last song, I screwed up and played the wrong intro chord and Jeremy started singing it and it was a little higher than it should’ve been…but he sang it so well, no one knew.  On the plus side, I discovered that I can still transpose in my head, since I changed the key by like three steps and had to fake it.  🙂  Anyway, I think I’m forgetting one of the songs, but I clearly remember playing:
    • How Great Thou Art
    • Center
    • Jesus Messiah
    • How Great is Our God
    • I Exalt Thee
      Guitar played: Parkwood acoustic.
      T-shirt worn: The Flash — Logo from Flashpoint.
  5. I’ve been trying to be fair and kind about it, so I won’t go on a massive tirade…  But if anyone was wondering, I’m very pleased with how the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare went.  And I hope the people talking about how much it’s going to cost all of us in taxes [sic] will actually read the thing sometime and find out the truth.  But even if they were right, I’d still support it.  I’m glad to pay my part if I have to for the good of helping the friends and family members I have with pre-existing conditions, poor income, or unfortunate circumstances.  I don’t know why some people aren’t.  But I’m getting close to that tirade I said I’d avoid.  So I’ll stop now.
  6. Happy Canada Day, by the way!
  7. Been reading the “Before Watchmen” series that DC Comics has been putting out.  The geek world was pissy about it when it was first announced.  The four issues that have come out have been great and I think the people who were preemptively complaining about it have all been shut up.  The first “Comedian” and “Nite Owl” issues are particularly good.
  8. Discovered Garden Ridge today.  It’s kind of like what would happen if Pier 1 had a yard sale.  My kind of place.  Staff could be friendlier…but all in all, I like the place.
  9. On the way to my cousin’s wedding reception, we stopped in at a pub called Shamrock’s.  I ordered a BlackSmith (Guinness with a Smithwick’s head).  It was excellent—usually that one proves a struggle for a bartender, but they got it right.  So they made it onto the blog.

And that’ll do it.  I’ve sat with this window open for about an hour and I can’t think of anything else to write!  🙂