“Remember that postcard Grandpa sent us from Florida of that Alligator biting that woman’s bottom? That’s right, we all thought it was hilarious. But, it turns out we were wrong. That alligator was sexually harrassing that woman.” – Homer Simpson

Been a bit.  Let’s do a random post.

  1. The blog’s spell-check does not seem to be working properly.  My advanced apologies for whatever I’m sure is in here.
  2. Played at church this morning.  It was a good service, I think.  On the last song a woman whose name I don’t know had a sort of charasmatic experience.  No speaking in tongues or anything, but a very loud, expressive outburst of prayer and thanks to God.  I like when that kind of thing happens.  It’s a little bit out of my experience level, though.  When I was a music minister, I played for mostly older white people who just don’t do that.  So I wasn’t quite sure how long to let it play out or how to transition out of it.  Jonathan (who does a lot of stuff with the church—don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him here) was quick to think on his feet and after a couple of minutes asked me to play the chorus to that same song quietly and just kind of taper it off.  Good thinking on his part.  It didn’t rob anyone of their worship experience, but also provided a transition for those who might’ve been growing uncomfortabe.  I’ll have to remember that trick.  🙂
    Songs played:

    • The Wonderful Cross
    • We Are Hungry
    • Grace Flows Down
    • Holy is the Lord
    • Blessed be the Name
      Guitar played: Gibson Les Paul Studio
      T-shirt worn: …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – From the “Tao of the Dead” record.
  3. Watching the Dick Van Dyke show.  Always good news.
  4. So I’m rocking an iPhone now.  Siri keeps me entertained.  Also really LOVING the camera on this thing.  The camera alone is well worth the upgrade.  Haven’t investigated the apps too much yet…I’m a cheapskate and don’t like paying for apps.  There are a handful I’ll probably pick up in time…but for the most part, if it’s just a time-waster, I’ll take the free version, thanks.  Anyway…cool having an iPhone.  I don’t really like the Apple people for the most part, but this is the one thing they actually do right.  Wish the battery life were a little longer though…
  5. I mentioned a post or two ago that I’ll be getting a roommate soon.  Well, the house is almost ready for him.  Good thing since he’s likely to move in at the start of July!  Looking forward to it.  His name’s Jeremy and he’s good people.  So his name will probably pop up here more regularly from here on.  We’re similar people in a lot of ways and have a ton in common, so we’ll get along fine, I think.
  6. It’s been busy and TOUGH at work lately.  Between technology problems and just a lot of weird, weird claims and situations popping up, I think we’re all feeling it.  Not much to add to that—not really appropriate to go into work-details on the blog…but I really hope this week’s better than last week.  I think we all do.
  7. I’m getting VERY excited for the Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper concert in Indy next month.  Here’s the thing…  I love Alice.  He’s great…  But it’s almost like I don’t care about that because…well…Iron Maiden!  Being a Maiden fan is like being in an exclusive club.  It’s sort of like being a heavy metal Mason or something.  I have entire friendships built on nothing more than a shared love of Iron Maiden.  And on this tour, they’re doing a nostalgia set focusing largely on my favorite record of theirs (“Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”) and they’re also playing my favorite SONG of theirs (“The Prisoner”).  They haven’t played that since 1991 and the stage-show and themes haven’t been used since 1988.  In my years as a Maiden fan, I’ve never seen them do some of my favorite stuff, and now I get to!  My brother and I are heading up there on July 19.  Should be a good time.  I already know what shirt I’m going to wear—pre-ordered the new Iron Maiden football jersey off their website and it’s already here.  I’m eyeing it every day, but waiting until showtime to put it on.  Some things, friends, are sacred.
  8. The 4th of July is coming up soon too.  That means I’ll have a total of three non-weekend days off from work this month (that one and the two days for the trip to Indy).  That hasn’t happened in a while for a non-funeral event.  I’m not very patriotic, and in fact being on Facebook and seeing the phony patriotism that creeps into the statuses of people who don’t normally care kind of sickens me…but I’ll always take a day off.
  9. My brother has been in possession of the Beatles Mono Box Set for a while.  It’s all the records (minus the last two) mixed in Mono.  See, at the time, the Beatles thought that Stereo was going to be a fad, and the band themselves oversaw the engineering/mix of the mono recordings, and left the stereo to George Martin.  So these are the mixes as the BAND wanted them–and since Stereo was such a huge thing, particularly in America, a lot of these mixes have largely gone unheard.  Listening to it, it’s like I’ve never heard the Beatles before.  The guitars are so crisp and bright…the drums are actually—GASP!—audible!  It’s great.  Try and find yourself some mono Beatles, folks!  (Present song I can’t get out of my head — “Rain.”)
  10. I’ve come to a decision.  As most will know, I yearly write about my support of the MDA.  As many may NOT know, in the past two years, they uncerimoniously dismissed spokesman Jerry Lewis then cut the 24 hour show down to 6 hours…and now they’ve cut it to three.  It is beginning to appear that they are very concerned with the ratings and productions.  And that’s not the company I fell in love with.  I wish MDA success in their goal of finding cures and treatments for this wholly unfair and vicious disease…but I will be taking my money elsewhere, and I will not be watching the 3 hour “telethon” this year.  I will seek out a different MS/MD related organization to support and I will post a link to them when I have made my decision.
  11. Finally picked up a copy of Kevin Smith’s last movie, “Red State.”  Haven’t watched it yet…but I am interested to see on how many levels it fails…but I’m hoping to be surprised by how well it works.  I’m sure I’ll do a full write-up later.
  12. My cousin Cory’s wedding is next weekend.  That’ll be fun.  But it’s a baptist wedding…so probably no hooch.  Ah well.  I wish him well anyway!

That’s it for now.  I’ll try to start writing more than weekly again soon.

Current Listening:

  • Rufus Wainwright – Everything on “shuffle.”  Realized this morning while I was singing “Wonderful Cross” just how much an influence Rufus has become on my singing when I have to sing more challenging or structured pieces.  He’s got an amazing voice, and I certainly can’t match him…but I do have a somewhat similar chest-range, and I found myself very much in the “This sounds like Rufus” headspace this morning…so the iPod went on shuffle.  🙂

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