“Man, you go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch ’em in the face, and for what?” – Moe Szyslak

Well let’s do a random post…  You know how it goes…

  1. I’ve got a toothache.  It’s in the front.  Not VERY bad, but it’s there.  Going to give it a little bit of time and see if it solves itself.  It might be more the gums than the tooth/teeth.  Worst case scenario, I’ll schedule a dentist appointment (I need to do that anyway), but I’m hoping it just goes away.  Been running my tongue over the teeth and I can’t feel where one’s broken or chipped in the area, so it might just be the gums…or maybe a sinus thing that I’m just FEELING in my teeth.  That happens to me sometimes too…but I think it’s a tooth.  Just hope there’s not any disfiguring facial swelling…
  2. Okay…so I’m going to be getting a roommate soon.  Like “I’m not sure that’s enough time!” soon.  We’re looking at the end of the month.  More to come…but yay!
  3. Church today was good.  Enjoyed the service quite a bit.  We were looking at the part of Genesis where Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the tree and then put fig leaves over their naughty bits and hide from God.  (Because…naked.)  One of the discussion questions offered was “In what way do you put a fig leaf on when you sin?”  (Or something to that effect.)  I didn’t really take part in the discussion because I was feeling the toothache at that point and wasn’t feeling chatty…but I did think about it.  I’m not sure I do that, to be honest…  I’ll tell anybody just about anything.  When it comes to sin, I think the way I deal with it is, “Yeah, I did it…and I’ll do it again!”  🙂  However, when someone confronts me with something they (think they) see in my life that is sinful, I am often very surprised by it.  I tend to think that God reveals my sins to me by—y’know—putting them on my heart, not by having others try to make me feel bad…  But then, I’ve always been bothered by the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit in the first place.  For all that you CAN take from it, I have trouble getting past seeing it as God saying, “You can have knowledge or you can have faith…so pick one.”  And I know that’s the wrong way to view it…but it keeps coming back to me.  Nevertheless…church got me thinking…so they’re doing something right.
  4. Been listening to a lot of Queen lately.  I love Queen.  It’s weird, I listened to so much Queen in high school that it was coming out of my ears (or someplace, anyway…)  Then I pretty much STOPPED for many years.  So now, when I hear a Queen song, I’m immediately transported BACK to those days.  I’m suddenly back in high school thinking about how to play the bass better and wondering why the pretty blonde girl won’t go out with me.  In all honesty, a lot of those days really sucked…but I was glad I had Queen there.  So it’s kind of a mixed blessing when I listen to Queen these days.  For the most part, I’ve been enjoying it.
  5. Going to be a tough day at work tomorrow.  I’ve been thinking about all I NEED to get done tomorrow all weekend.  I’m less behind than I was the last time I wrote about work…but most of the stuff on my calendar tomorrow is the “uh-oh” stuff.  The really difficult stuff…and I’ve got a toothache.  Wish me luck!  Which due to a typo said, “Wish me lick!” until I proofread!
  6. Last time I wrote a random post, I noted that I hadn’t been to the comic book store in a couple of weeks.  Well on Wednesday night, the church group gave me a gift certificate for the comic book store that I used most of this past week.  🙂  Still got a little left that will not quite cover this upcoming week.  So that’s awesome!  Thanks again to anyone who’s in the group that reads this.
  7. Attention Internet: Yes, I am aware that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is coming to theatres soon.  No, I am not impressed.  I WAS impressed, when it was a BOOK several years ago.  It bums me out that you’re all talking about it like it wasn’t a book first.  That’s a sad commentary on the present state of American geek culture.  Come on!

…and that’s all I’m writing for now.  Just took some Ibuprofen and I’m waiting for it to kick in so I can go to bed and stop worrying about my big fat mouth.  I’ll write again soon, I hope.