“Remember that postcard Grandpa sent us from Florida of that Alligator biting that woman’s bottom? That’s right, we all thought it was hilarious. But, it turns out we were wrong. That alligator was sexually harrassing that woman.” – Homer Simpson

Been a bit.  Let’s do a random post.

  1. The blog’s spell-check does not seem to be working properly.  My advanced apologies for whatever I’m sure is in here.
  2. Played at church this morning.  It was a good service, I think.  On the last song a woman whose name I don’t know had a sort of charasmatic experience.  No speaking in tongues or anything, but a very loud, expressive outburst of prayer and thanks to God.  I like when that kind of thing happens.  It’s a little bit out of my experience level, though.  When I was a music minister, I played for mostly older white people who just don’t do that.  So I wasn’t quite sure how long to let it play out or how to transition out of it.  Jonathan (who does a lot of stuff with the church—don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him here) was quick to think on his feet and after a couple of minutes asked me to play the chorus to that same song quietly and just kind of taper it off.  Good thinking on his part.  It didn’t rob anyone of their worship experience, but also provided a transition for those who might’ve been growing uncomfortabe.  I’ll have to remember that trick.  🙂
    Songs played:

    • The Wonderful Cross
    • We Are Hungry
    • Grace Flows Down
    • Holy is the Lord
    • Blessed be the Name
      Guitar played: Gibson Les Paul Studio
      T-shirt worn: …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – From the “Tao of the Dead” record.
  3. Watching the Dick Van Dyke show.  Always good news.
  4. So I’m rocking an iPhone now.  Siri keeps me entertained.  Also really LOVING the camera on this thing.  The camera alone is well worth the upgrade.  Haven’t investigated the apps too much yet…I’m a cheapskate and don’t like paying for apps.  There are a handful I’ll probably pick up in time…but for the most part, if it’s just a time-waster, I’ll take the free version, thanks.  Anyway…cool having an iPhone.  I don’t really like the Apple people for the most part, but this is the one thing they actually do right.  Wish the battery life were a little longer though…
  5. I mentioned a post or two ago that I’ll be getting a roommate soon.  Well, the house is almost ready for him.  Good thing since he’s likely to move in at the start of July!  Looking forward to it.  His name’s Jeremy and he’s good people.  So his name will probably pop up here more regularly from here on.  We’re similar people in a lot of ways and have a ton in common, so we’ll get along fine, I think.
  6. It’s been busy and TOUGH at work lately.  Between technology problems and just a lot of weird, weird claims and situations popping up, I think we’re all feeling it.  Not much to add to that—not really appropriate to go into work-details on the blog…but I really hope this week’s better than last week.  I think we all do.
  7. I’m getting VERY excited for the Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper concert in Indy next month.  Here’s the thing…  I love Alice.  He’s great…  But it’s almost like I don’t care about that because…well…Iron Maiden!  Being a Maiden fan is like being in an exclusive club.  It’s sort of like being a heavy metal Mason or something.  I have entire friendships built on nothing more than a shared love of Iron Maiden.  And on this tour, they’re doing a nostalgia set focusing largely on my favorite record of theirs (“Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”) and they’re also playing my favorite SONG of theirs (“The Prisoner”).  They haven’t played that since 1991 and the stage-show and themes haven’t been used since 1988.  In my years as a Maiden fan, I’ve never seen them do some of my favorite stuff, and now I get to!  My brother and I are heading up there on July 19.  Should be a good time.  I already know what shirt I’m going to wear—pre-ordered the new Iron Maiden football jersey off their website and it’s already here.  I’m eyeing it every day, but waiting until showtime to put it on.  Some things, friends, are sacred.
  8. The 4th of July is coming up soon too.  That means I’ll have a total of three non-weekend days off from work this month (that one and the two days for the trip to Indy).  That hasn’t happened in a while for a non-funeral event.  I’m not very patriotic, and in fact being on Facebook and seeing the phony patriotism that creeps into the statuses of people who don’t normally care kind of sickens me…but I’ll always take a day off.
  9. My brother has been in possession of the Beatles Mono Box Set for a while.  It’s all the records (minus the last two) mixed in Mono.  See, at the time, the Beatles thought that Stereo was going to be a fad, and the band themselves oversaw the engineering/mix of the mono recordings, and left the stereo to George Martin.  So these are the mixes as the BAND wanted them–and since Stereo was such a huge thing, particularly in America, a lot of these mixes have largely gone unheard.  Listening to it, it’s like I’ve never heard the Beatles before.  The guitars are so crisp and bright…the drums are actually—GASP!—audible!  It’s great.  Try and find yourself some mono Beatles, folks!  (Present song I can’t get out of my head — “Rain.”)
  10. I’ve come to a decision.  As most will know, I yearly write about my support of the MDA.  As many may NOT know, in the past two years, they uncerimoniously dismissed spokesman Jerry Lewis then cut the 24 hour show down to 6 hours…and now they’ve cut it to three.  It is beginning to appear that they are very concerned with the ratings and productions.  And that’s not the company I fell in love with.  I wish MDA success in their goal of finding cures and treatments for this wholly unfair and vicious disease…but I will be taking my money elsewhere, and I will not be watching the 3 hour “telethon” this year.  I will seek out a different MS/MD related organization to support and I will post a link to them when I have made my decision.
  11. Finally picked up a copy of Kevin Smith’s last movie, “Red State.”  Haven’t watched it yet…but I am interested to see on how many levels it fails…but I’m hoping to be surprised by how well it works.  I’m sure I’ll do a full write-up later.
  12. My cousin Cory’s wedding is next weekend.  That’ll be fun.  But it’s a baptist wedding…so probably no hooch.  Ah well.  I wish him well anyway!

That’s it for now.  I’ll try to start writing more than weekly again soon.

Current Listening:

  • Rufus Wainwright – Everything on “shuffle.”  Realized this morning while I was singing “Wonderful Cross” just how much an influence Rufus has become on my singing when I have to sing more challenging or structured pieces.  He’s got an amazing voice, and I certainly can’t match him…but I do have a somewhat similar chest-range, and I found myself very much in the “This sounds like Rufus” headspace this morning…so the iPod went on shuffle.  🙂

In Which I Commit Several Blashpemes and Heresies…

The Bible is a long and difficult read.  Even though it contains lots of sex and violence and crazy-assed miracles.  As a public service (not really) I now present short summaries of each book, for those of you too lazy to look elsewhere.  Please do not take this to heart or base your faith on it.  Doing so WILL send you to Hell.  I mean sure, you’ll meet a lot of cool musicians and artists there…but the daily pitch-forkings probably aren’t worth hanging out with those guys.

Anyway…here you go…

THE OLD TESTAMENT (According to Derek)

  • Genesis – God made everything.
  • Exodus – God knocks the Jews around a little and makes fun of Moses’ stutter.
  • Leviticus – Now that that’s over, here are some rules for your church, Jews.
  • Numbers – Mainly a bunch of lists about wars.
  • Deuteronomy – Here are some better rules for your church, Jews, with 10 you should REALLY over-analyze.
  • Joshua – If you pray really hard, things fall down.
  • Judges – Just vote for the one with the Irish last name.
  • Ruth – Try to marry upwardly, ladies.
  • 1 Samuel – The story of Saul being a dick.
  • 2 Samuel – The story of David being less of a dick than Saul.
  • 1 Kings – The temple is built from an insane and expensive blueprint.
  • 2 Kings – No seriously, that thing was so badly constructed that prophets went elsewhere to talk about future-stuff.
  • 1 Chronicles – A long list of names who would be background characters in a movie and also the King David tribute show.
  • 2 Chronicles – It’s basically 2 Kings, from the Southern perspective–so Kings, but with grits.
  • Ezra – A book a band would later be Better Than.
  • Nehemiah – Prayer knocks down walls, people build them back up.
  • Esther – For some reason named after your grandma’s best friend, it’s basically Biblical Desperate Housewives.
  • Job – God lets Satan do horrible things to people sometimes for reasons that are unclear–and also dinosaurs!
  • Psalms – An early draft of the hymnal your church still uses.
  • Proverbs – Everything is one way and then it’s another, and everyone is bad.
  • Ecclesiastes – Solomon’s weird letter that inspired Pete Seeger to write a song that went on to be a hit for the Byrds.
  • Song of Solomon – Rated NC-17 for strong sexual content.
  • Isaiah – Try to stay faithful, even though the rest of the world isn’t–especially Judah, those guys suck.
  • Jeremiah – Probably the name of the son of someone you went to college with, even though I’m pretty sure the name translates to “crybaby.”
  • Lamentations – Man…it sucks that the temple was so badly built, even though we worked really hard on it.
  • Ezekiel – Called them “dry bones!”
  • Daniel – A guy in a magic coat fights lions with his dreams.
  • Hosea – And God said, “Hosea! Do me a favor and yell this down the hallway with all the closed doors. Doesn’t matter if they hear you. I just like hearing you talk. You talk real purdy.”
  • Joel – Crap…locusts…anybody got a can of Raid?
  • Amos – God’s hates money, or something…I kinda tuned out.
  • Obadiah – Oh you’ve never heard of Edom? Well that’s probably because I was right about it falling!
  • Jonah – I think this is the one where the kid’s made of wood and his nose grows every time he hates the Ninevites.
  • Micah – You guys suck. Why do you suck so much? Stop sucking already.
  • Nahum – Oh… THAT Nineveh. Really could’ve used that information back in the Book of Jonah.
  • Habakkuk – God talks to a guy because He was relatively sure the guy was choking. Turns out the guy was just pronouncing his own name.
  • Zephaniah – Basically it just seems like someone sloppily slammed a bunch of finger-shakes into a few pages, then flipped you off and told you to try being nicer and happier.
  • Haggai – Seriously guys, we’ve gotta build a new temple—a BETTER temple. With lazers!
  • Zechariah – Basically filler that points toward Jesus.
  • Malachi – A book supposedly written by a guy we know nothing about and who may or may not have accidentally started the Mormon church…but he said nice things about Jesus…so…I don’t know…print it.

THE NEW TESTAMENT (According to Derek) — Now we’re REALLY going to hell…

  • Matthew – Matthew’s version of the things that happened to Jesus.
  • Mark – Mark’s version of the things that happened to Jesus, presumably because Matthew could not be trusted.
  • Luke – Luke’s a doctor, we can CERTAINLY trust his version of the things that happened to Jesus, right?
  • John – Also writes about the stuff that happened to Jesus, and this one must be right because it has John 3:16 in it.
  • Acts – Things the church did because of Jesus.
  • Romans – Paul basically bitches you out for being human.
  • 1 Corinthians – The church is a horrible, immoral, sexy, sexy place. – Also, here are a few verses to take out of context at your wedding.
  • 2 Corinthians – Seriously, the church is really screwed up and sexy!
  • Galatians – Lay off the Gentiles. Be cool.
  • Ephesians – Jesus is your bro–don’t leave him hanging.
  • Philippians – This is Paul, and I’m in jail, yo…don’t screw it up while I’m gone.
  • Colossians – Don’t be a dick.
  • 1 Thessalonians – Jesus is coming back, so–y’know–don’t worry about that…
  • 2 Thessalonians – Sorry about those punks all up in yo’ grill. Keep on trucking.
  • 1 Timothy – Hey Tim. Here’s a list of a bunch of things old people will hold against you in your first youth ministry.
  • 2 Timothy – Be like a soldier–take a jog then mind a farm.
  • Titus – Look…get it together over there, will you?  Does anyone there know what they’re doing?  Promote them.
  • Philemon – Dude, Phil…really? I mean, I let the Confederate Flag thing slide…but you can’t just own a dude.
  • Hebrews – There’s a lot of history in this book, and you really should read Chronicles and Kings and whatnot before attempting it.  So…good luck.
  • James – Things are going to suck pretty hard, so trust in Jesus–and try to look like it, by the way.
  • 1 Peter – Jim was right–things ARE going to suck pretty hard. But Jesus got freaking CRUCIFIED…so if you’re going to suffer, at least don’t whine about it any more than he did.
  • 2 Peter – There are a lot of liars out there, but Jesus is pretty awesome, right?
  • 1 John – Love one another.
  • 2 John – Love others.
  • 3 John – No fatties.
  • Jude – Don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.
  • Revelation – Turns out the devil did it.  Kinda saw it coming.

So there you go.


Current Listening:

  • Rush – Clockwork Angels — Short review: I love it.  I popped it in and it started with the two tracks I’d already heard.  Then it churned through another ten and for the most part I was thinking, “It’s not BAD, but I’m not sure it grips me.”  Then I listened again.  Then again.  Then again…  And pretty much it’s been in my CD player all week.  It’s great…but I had to absorb it.  Long-time fans should be happy, and newer fans have a good one to be excited about.  Standout tracks: Caravan, BU2B (Brought Up to Believe), The Wreckers, Headlong Flight, Wish Them Well…and the other 7.  Wish it were a little bit less lyrically abrasive against religion—but I’ve come to expect that from Mr. Peart.  The music makes up for the messages I disagree with.

British Music 101 – A Primer

Haven’t posted in a while.  Been busy and not feeling too well, struggling through the toothache.  Had some uncomfortable swelling over the weekend that has largely subsided.  Just waiting for a little bit more crap to drain out of me head and I’ll be good.

Anyway…as a break from the random posts and the “I’m pissed off enough to write about this” posts I’m used to doing, I’m going to present more or less a list of the bands I would cover if I taught a unit on British rock and roll.  This isn’t meant to be definitive…but it’s a good primer.  Started when I wrote “Top 10 British Rock Bands” on a piece of paper…which promptly grew to 34 names.  Figured I couldn’t leave out some of the solo artists, just because they went by their own names…and it just seemed wrong to include Priest but not Sabbath…so I shifted gears to the subject as described.  I’ll justify some of them…but here’s the short list of what I figure I’d HAVE to get to if I were to teach about it.  Of course, no one’s asking me to do that, so this is irrelevant…but I didn’t spend that much time on it, so we’re good.


  1. The Beatles — Obviously.
  2. The Who
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Iron Maiden – Foundational to metal.
  5. Judas Priest – Even more-so.
  6. Queen – To this day, you still hear the “boom-boom-clap” of “We Will Rock You” at sporting events—and the nonexistent kids in my nonexistent class should know why.
  7. Pink Floyd
  8. The Sex Pistols – Basically the genesis of British punk.
  9. The Kinks
  10. Led Zeppelin
  11. Black Sabbath – Pretty much the blueprint for metal to come.  I’d also briefly discuss Ozzy and Dio’s solo careers as a part of discussing Sabbath, but I think Sabbath’s impact was much more vital than either of them was on their own, so they don’t get their own listing in the syllabus.
  12. U2 — Irish, but that counts if we’re talking about BRITAIN and not just England…and we are.
  13. Yes
  14. David Bowie – Because BOWIE.
  15. Deep Purple – A lot more vital in the history of both metal and prog-rock than people give them credit for.
  16. Motorhead – Where punk marries metal, you have Motorhead.  It’s a shame how often people want to overlook their HUGE contribution to the world of rock.
  17. Def Leppard
  18. The Clash – Though I blame them for the unfortunate Reggae vibe that came into both punk and new wave, I can live with that because of the importance of that transition and also of their first record.
  19. The Police – Eeeee-oh!
  20. Elvis Costello – Way more important than he gets credit for.  Just watch any retrospective on the early years of Saturday Night Live and you’ll get an impression of the cultural impact he had, which has been somehow slightly forgotten.  Though thankfully not entirely.
  21. Madness – Seriously.  There would be no ska as we know it if not for Madness.  Blessing and a curse, there…
  22. The Pogues – And I would also mention the Chieftains as a part of it, though they’re basically just folk.  The Pogues are a HUGE influence on a lot of acts.  If there were no Pogues, there’s no Flogging Molly, no Dropkick Murphys, and no…I don’t know…Pantera.  Okay.  Not Pantera…but I needed a third.
  23. Genesis – Particularly the Peter Gabriel years, though I mean that as no disrespect to the Collins era.  (Incidentally, this is another situation where I would discuss the frontmen’s careers as a part of the discussion of the band, but they would not get their own segments.)
  24. Oasis – Not a fan…but they kinda kept Brit Rock alive in the 90s.
  25. Radiohead – See Oasis.
  26. Coldplay – See Radiohead and Oasis, but in the 2000s.
  27. Cliff Richard – Seriously.  Google him.  FOUNDATIONAL to a lot of Brit rock.
  28. The Dave Clark Five – I fully maintain that if the Beatles hadn’t been around to do what they did, then SOMEONE still would have…and that someone would’ve been the Five.
  29. Eric Clapton – Blues meets Britain.
  30. Herman’s Hermits – Somewhat of a footnote…but an important footnote.
  31. Rod Stewart – …and yes, I’d mention the Faces.
  32. Elton John – I mean…come on.
  33. Mott the Hoople – Again, a little bit of a footnote but a hugely important one, especially in the Glitter/Glam medium.
  34. Eric Burdon and the Animals – I’d put them on par with Cliff Richard and The Dave Clark Five any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

…and I’m sure there’s some GLARING omission staring me in the face.  And someone’s shouting it at their computer screen right now.  Feel free to enlighten me.  🙂

“Man, you go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch ’em in the face, and for what?” – Moe Szyslak

Well let’s do a random post…  You know how it goes…

  1. I’ve got a toothache.  It’s in the front.  Not VERY bad, but it’s there.  Going to give it a little bit of time and see if it solves itself.  It might be more the gums than the tooth/teeth.  Worst case scenario, I’ll schedule a dentist appointment (I need to do that anyway), but I’m hoping it just goes away.  Been running my tongue over the teeth and I can’t feel where one’s broken or chipped in the area, so it might just be the gums…or maybe a sinus thing that I’m just FEELING in my teeth.  That happens to me sometimes too…but I think it’s a tooth.  Just hope there’s not any disfiguring facial swelling…
  2. Okay…so I’m going to be getting a roommate soon.  Like “I’m not sure that’s enough time!” soon.  We’re looking at the end of the month.  More to come…but yay!
  3. Church today was good.  Enjoyed the service quite a bit.  We were looking at the part of Genesis where Adam and Eve eat the fruit from the tree and then put fig leaves over their naughty bits and hide from God.  (Because…naked.)  One of the discussion questions offered was “In what way do you put a fig leaf on when you sin?”  (Or something to that effect.)  I didn’t really take part in the discussion because I was feeling the toothache at that point and wasn’t feeling chatty…but I did think about it.  I’m not sure I do that, to be honest…  I’ll tell anybody just about anything.  When it comes to sin, I think the way I deal with it is, “Yeah, I did it…and I’ll do it again!”  🙂  However, when someone confronts me with something they (think they) see in my life that is sinful, I am often very surprised by it.  I tend to think that God reveals my sins to me by—y’know—putting them on my heart, not by having others try to make me feel bad…  But then, I’ve always been bothered by the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit in the first place.  For all that you CAN take from it, I have trouble getting past seeing it as God saying, “You can have knowledge or you can have faith…so pick one.”  And I know that’s the wrong way to view it…but it keeps coming back to me.  Nevertheless…church got me thinking…so they’re doing something right.
  4. Been listening to a lot of Queen lately.  I love Queen.  It’s weird, I listened to so much Queen in high school that it was coming out of my ears (or someplace, anyway…)  Then I pretty much STOPPED for many years.  So now, when I hear a Queen song, I’m immediately transported BACK to those days.  I’m suddenly back in high school thinking about how to play the bass better and wondering why the pretty blonde girl won’t go out with me.  In all honesty, a lot of those days really sucked…but I was glad I had Queen there.  So it’s kind of a mixed blessing when I listen to Queen these days.  For the most part, I’ve been enjoying it.
  5. Going to be a tough day at work tomorrow.  I’ve been thinking about all I NEED to get done tomorrow all weekend.  I’m less behind than I was the last time I wrote about work…but most of the stuff on my calendar tomorrow is the “uh-oh” stuff.  The really difficult stuff…and I’ve got a toothache.  Wish me luck!  Which due to a typo said, “Wish me lick!” until I proofread!
  6. Last time I wrote a random post, I noted that I hadn’t been to the comic book store in a couple of weeks.  Well on Wednesday night, the church group gave me a gift certificate for the comic book store that I used most of this past week.  🙂  Still got a little left that will not quite cover this upcoming week.  So that’s awesome!  Thanks again to anyone who’s in the group that reads this.
  7. Attention Internet: Yes, I am aware that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is coming to theatres soon.  No, I am not impressed.  I WAS impressed, when it was a BOOK several years ago.  It bums me out that you’re all talking about it like it wasn’t a book first.  That’s a sad commentary on the present state of American geek culture.  Come on!

…and that’s all I’m writing for now.  Just took some Ibuprofen and I’m waiting for it to kick in so I can go to bed and stop worrying about my big fat mouth.  I’ll write again soon, I hope.

Trying very hard not to make a reference to a certain movie with Nick Cage and John Travolta in it, because I’m pretty sure it would hurt my point…

This started out as a tweet and then exploded into a rant the more I thought about it.  Sorry about this.

Most of you are probably aware of the story coming out of Miami of a man hopped up on the bath salts who somehow got himself and another man nude on the street, and then he ate the other guy’s face.  In case you somehow missed it…  Yeah.  He freaking ate the dude’s face.

Now, I would wager that probably 99% of us in the world have never heard of that kind of thing happening before and that we were filled with both confusion and fascination on one level or another—which isn’t a problem.  Something happens and you read up on it.  That’s how it works.  And then there are those of us who were so puzzled by the incident that all we could do was laugh at it.  I myself find it hilarious that reputable sources like Reuters had to find a way to—with a completely somber tone—deliver the line, “Police shot and killed Eugene when he refused to stop eating Poppo’s face.”  That’s just a statement I never imagined I’d read, and I got to it and laughed out loud because…well, they wrote it.  Someone had to struggle to write that and others had to edit and print it.  Think about that a while!

Well, of course, black humor is not appreciated by everybody, and there are those who are well meaningly making Facebook posts saying things like, “That could’ve been someone you know!  How dare you!”  To which my answer is cynically, “No it couldn’t have been.  I don’t know any homeless guys in Miami.”  But I’m told I’m a jerk for replying to things that way.  I agree.  But that’s not the point…  The point is, I understand why some people think it’s not right to joke about this kind of thing—but come on.  This is a HUGE rarity.  We all find our own ways to contextualize these things, and people like myself and 99% of the Internet laugh at them.  In our defense, it’s basically a coping mechanism.  You cope with bad things by making fun of them.  It takes away their power.  It’s the same basic response as watching a scary movie.  Something jumps out and you scream, then you laugh your ass off—because for whatever reason, those two emotions seem to be pretty closely connected in our brains.

Anyhoo…  I got to thinking about the Internet, and I realized that the Internet is basically a fickle society with a very short attention span.  There is a good chance that, at roughly 325 words written so far, some of you have already grown bored by this very post.  And that made me think back over the past year or so…  Everyone agrees that a guy eating another guy’s face is a big story, and some people are “insensitive” about it and others are self-righteous and scolding…and that’s how the Internet is…  Even if neither side were right or wrong, there’d still be a hell of a lot of pointless “unfriending” going around on Facebook—because it’s easier to terminate a “friendship” than to have a discussion these days.

In proof that the Internet rapidly joins and abandons causes on a regular basis, I now present a list of things that the Internet at one time agreed were big deals, which you probably haven’t heard about in a while.  Now some of these are very good causes, and we were right to get behind them or to argue about them or whatever.  I’m not belittling that…all I’m saying is, I haven’t recently seen anyone hashtag one of these things.  And I think the Miami Cannibal (which I just realized is a great potential name for a new rapper!) will soon be among these things.  My point, if any, is that if you’re high and mighty and mad about the zombie jokes going around…give the Internet a week.  It’ll move on without you.

For example…remember when we cared about…

  • Trayvon Martin
  • Kony 2012
  • The earthquake in Haiti
  • The earthquake in Japan
  • Occupy Wallstreet
  • Sopa
  • The BP oil spill
  • Casey Anthony
  • Chris Coleman
  • Team Coco
  • Rebecca Black
  • The Knockout Game
  • The Joplin tornado
  • The St. Louis Good Friday tornadoes
  • Joe Paterno
  • Metta World Peace
  • That guy who ate the other guy’s face (oops…gun-jump…)

…and come to think of it, when was the last time anybody got Rickrolled?

Be honest…how many of those did you have to Google?  How many can you not remember the details about?  Some of those are ongoing concerns that are VERY worth your time to keep up with…but then a new story came along and the ease of access to pointless information that the Internet has given us made you shuffle your priorities almost immediately.  I’m not judging you.  I do it too.  All the time.

Soon, shocking and disturbing as it is, the Miami Cannibal will be on the same level.  That doesn’t devalue the lives of the men involved or the bizarre reaction of our society to it…but it does kinda make your high horse a little smaller.  And mine.  Mine’s a damn Shetland right about now.

Sorry for the rant…just needed to get it outta me.  I’ll try to be funny in the next post.  Or at least I’ll try to be what I think passes as funny.  Whatever that is…


Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Queen
  • Sharon Van Etten – Tramp