Wait, that’s it! I know now what I can offer you that no one else can: complete and utter dependence!

I’ve been meaning to write for DAYS.  Sorry that I haven’t.  Been lazy about getting these things done.  I’ve actually got MASSIVE website updates sitting on my hard-drive that just need a final proofread and test…and they still need it.  Sigh…  I sit in front of computer screens so often, yet so little gets done.  Ah well…  Let’s catch up.  By the time you read this, I will have finished writing the post and also will have Googled “Simpsons Quotes” for the post title…because we’re doing another RANDOM POST!  WHOO!!!!

Oh yeah…and this is my 1000th post…so…

  1. It’s after midnight…that makes it officially my 32nd birthday.  I was born around 10:00 a.m. so it’s not really “official” until then…but close enough for the Internet.
  2. Got home from Arkansas on Thursday night.  It was a good trip and my cousin Terry did a wonderful job with the funeral.  It was sort of a whirlwind, and I really wish we’d been able to stay another day (at least), but Dave and I are both working men and had jobs to get back to.  Still, it was good to see everybody, albeit for a sucky reason.  I did a much better job documenting the trip on my tumblr page, if you want to click over to that.
  3. I led music at church again this weekend…  Played my Telecaster through an amp.  First time I’ve done that at Pursuit.  I usually prefer to play acoustics when I do the “boy with guitar” thing, but felt like switching it up.  Think it sounded okay.  Here’s the list–apparently I’m stuck in 2006:
    1. Revive Us Again
    2. Praise Adonai
    3. Water
    4. How Great Thou Art
    5. God of Wonders
      T-shirt worn: RAMONES.
  4. Went to the Memorial Day Pignic at my Dad’s club yesterday.  It was hot.  Too hot.  Couldn’t take it.  I got there around 2:00 and left around 5:00.  I just couldn’t stand the heat.  It was giving me a headache and I was sweating non-stop.  Plus, my brother and his family only showed up for about an hour and split really quickly for whatever reason (didn’t ask, figured they planned it that way).  So didn’t really get to spend much time bullshitting with them.  Spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch and watching Deadliest Catch…which is no bad thing.
  5. We did my family-birthday thing on Friday at Joe’s Crab Shack.  Had some good King Crab, along with clams, head-on shrimp (first time I’d eaten that) and a surprise sausage that I don’t think they mentioned was going to be in the pot I ordered.  Good stuff.  In hindsight, should’ve just gotten a big-assed pot of snow crab…but nevertheless, it was very good and I’d like to go back soon.  They’ve got a slightly “louder” atmosphere than I tend to like, but the food’s so good I didn’t mind it.  Got some awesome gifts and had a good time.  Thanks to everyone who was there.
  6. A cop got shot in my neck of the woods.  Kind of a rarity around here.  Sad to hear about it.  It’s a dangerous job.  Selfishly, I find it irritating that they were searching every car at every stoplight immediately following it (they don’t do that when Joe Nobody gets shot, after all), but all things considered I get it and I wish the guy that got shot the speediest of recoveries.  I hear they have a “person of interest” in custody.  Hopefully they got their man and everything works out to a movie-happy ending.
  7. I had a grown-up moment just before leaving for my aunt’s funeral.  I needed a new suit for it.  I only had the one suit that fit, and people in the family had seen it two weeks prior at my uncle’s funeral.  (Man, the Lord’s really mowing down that half of the family…)  So I went suit shopping.  No luck at most of the places I went, but hit a home run at JC Penney’s.  Got a three-piece suit, shoes, and a tie for a really good price (less than what I would have paid for JUST the coat at Kohls—where I’ll likely never shop again).  And here’s the thing…  I was really happy about the tie.  That’s when I realized I was a grown-up.
  8. Missed my first new-comic books day in two years due to leaving town for the funeral.  I will sometimes not go on Wednesday if pressed for time, but when that happens, I’m always there on Thursday.  This week, I didn’t make it at all.  It’s Tuesday tomorrow and there’s no point in going in two days in a row.  Don’t get me wrong, I had an excellent reason for not being there…but it was weird, and I feel like I haven’t been in there in a month.
  9. I think my favorite thing in the new Muppets movie is that they just slightly grayed Fozzie’s eyebrows to make him look a little bit older. (EDIT: For some reason, in my original post, I wrote “earlier” instead of older.  Weird.)  God is in the details.
  10. Huh…sudden thunderstorm outside my window.  Here’s hoping it’s just rain and not hail and tornadoes this time.

Well…that pretty much covers it for now.  Thanks for reading.  Especially if you’ve read all 1000 posts.  If you haven’t, then get to work!  There are some really unflattering rants in the archives.


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