This is why Tara and I are friends…

I’ve recently been frequenting a new deli that opened nearby.  It’s called DeLeo’s, and it’s in Florissant off Lindbergh, near Trotterway.  Stop by if you get the chance.  They’re nice people who make great sandwiches.

They have a penchant for naming their sandwiches after movies.  For example their reuben is not called a reuben.  It is a Big Reuboni (in reference to “The Big Lebowski”).  Their pastrami is a “Pastraminator.”  They at one time had a turkey sandwich called the “Gobblefather” as well, but apparently dropped it from their menu once they moved here from Colorado.  (I found their old website…kind of a pity.  I wanted that sandwich.)  Anyway, the premise entertained me and I shared it with my friend Tara…and we’ve been coming up with movie-themed deli menus ever since…  So here’ a ridiculously long list of what we’ve come up with so far (with an occasional explanation or note).  We kept it limited to deli-type items…no steaks or whatever.  Feel free to play along in the comments.  It’s more fun that you’d think.  Sorry the list is so damn long.

The ones I came up with are in black.  Tara’s are in red.

  1. Apocalypse Cow (Roast Beef)
  2. Chickenzen Kane
  3. Chicken Little (Sliders)
  4. Queso-blanca
  5. The Passion of the Cheese
  6. Julius Caesar Wrap
  7. Monty Python and the Watercress for the Hold the Mayo (I fully acknowledge that this one is awful.)
  8. Dr. Strangeloaf (Meatloaf sandwich)
  9. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fries (Sandwich combo with a big-assed side of fries.)
  10. Reservoir Hot Dogs
  11. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts…club
  12. Scent of a Reuben
  13. The Jazz Slinger
  14. The Breakfast Club (It’s got eggs and whatnot)
  15. Bacon, Lettuce, and the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  16. Soup: All the President’s Minestrone
  17. Close Encounters of the Beef Kind
  18. Nightmare on Corned Beef
  19. The Sixth Swiss
  20. The Full Monte Cristo
  21. The Shawshank Frenchdippin’
  22. The Curious Case of Benjamin Brisket
  23. Iron Ham
  24. The Pork Knight
  25. Harry Potted Meat
  26. Soup: Forrest Gumbo (contains many kinds of shrimp!)
  27. Soup of the Day: Caligulentil
  28. Silence of the Hams
  29. Robochop (It’s a pork-chop sandwich)
  30. The Ten Commandmeats
  31. When Harry Met Salami (Have what she’s having!)
  32. Ghostmuenster
  33. How Stella Got Her Reuben Back
  34. Gone with the Fin (Fish Sandwich)
  35. Hamelot
  36. Hamlet (Oh that this too, too solid swiss would melt!)
  37. Drink: The Golden Chai
  38. The Lion, the Witch, and the Pickleloaf
  39. Conan the Braunschweiger
  40. The Pastrami Code
  41. The Good, the Bad, and the Baloney
  42. Jurassic Pork
  43. The Right Stuffaletta
  44. The Roast Beef Horror Picture Show
  45. The Italian Job
  46. To Grill a Mockingbird  (It won’t sell…but neither will When Harry Met Salami…so…)
  47. Drink: Bridge Over the River Chai
  48. Schindler’s Dip (Menu Description: “It’s just…wrong on like…every level…especially since there’s pork on it…”)
  49. Philadelphia CheeseShrek
  50. Po’ Boyz n the Hood
  51. Edward Scissorhams
  52. Full Metal Baguette
  53. Side Item: Texas Chainslaw Massacre
  54. Side Item: Lord of the Onion Rings
  55. Order any sandwich open Scarface!
  56. Much to do about Mutton
  57. Beauty and the Beef (Which, incidentally, we also recommend as the porn-name for the movie.)
  58. Pastramigeist
  59. Star Wars Combo: A New Hoagie, The Empire Fries Back, and Return of the Pepsi
  60. Prequel Salad: The Phantom Lettuce with Attack of the Croutons.  Comes with Revenge of the Chips.
  61. The Skeleton Turkey
  62. Napoleon Vegemite
  63. Supermanwich
  64. BLTjuice
  65. There Will Be BLT
  66. Peanut Butter and Gigli
  67. A Ham of their Own
  68. Meatball Durham
  69. On Golden Fluffernutter
  70. Field of Greens (Salad)
  71. Little Shop of Hummus
  72. Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
  73. Crocodile Turkey
  74. Dessert: Almost Famousse
  75. Sex, Lies, and Veggieburgers
  76. A Fish Called Wanda
  77. Last Temptation of Cheese
  78. Big Trouble in Little Tuna
  79. Hammequin
  80. Goodfetas (Gyro)
  81. Slingblade’s Mashed Biscuits (Which I feel like is cheating, but I’m willing to let it go.)
  82. Veggie Sandwich: The Green Mile
  83. Drink: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Lemonade
  84. Last of the Mobacons
  85. The Exorcist (Pea Soup)
  86. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Melt
  87. …and for after dinner: Complementary 12 Angry Mints

…and that’s it.  Hoping to get it to an even hundred by Memorial Day.  🙂


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