Really Big Shoe — Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ridiculous Ice Sculpture that was in the Building We Have Church in Today

So when I walked into the community center that hosts our church this morning to set up for the service, there was a four-foot tall, melting ice-sculpture of a stiletto-heeled shoe in the corner.  That happened.  (See my tumblr page for photo.)  We spent a lot of the morning making shoe-puns.  I threatened to do all shoe-themed songs–“Christmas Shoes,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “These Boots Were Made for Walkin'” and “Step By Step.”  That last one was Jeremy’s, and it was genius.  That’s why we’re friends.

So, there was a layer of hilarity to the service that wasn’t intentional, but that made the day a lot more fun (I think).  And it was a good service, with a powerful message out of Acts 17.

Here are the songs I played:

  • Blessed be the Name of the Lord
  • You’re Worthy of My Praise
  • His Eye is on the Sparrow (as communion song)
  • Famous One
    T-Shirt Worn: Harvey Pekar tribute

Then when I left I got a call from Jeremy while I was on the highway.  I figured I’d left something behind…and I did.  I left Jeremy.  I was his ride home.  Oops.

I’m a decent worship leader…but I’m a terrible friend.


Current Listening:

  • Elvis Costello – “The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook!!!”  — Really good.  Lots of fun and not just the standard-faire of EC songs.  Probably not a GREAT introduction for non-fans, but a wonderful snapshot of a cool tour for those who’re already on board.
  • The Civil Wars – “Live at Amoeba” — I have not bought their actual record yet, so this was my introduction to The Civil Wars…  I am completely underwhelmed.  Not a very good production (the quality is about a step above bootleg–very quiet and muddy) and frankly I found the songs boring.  Maybe they’re better on the studio record…but do I really care about a band that’s great in the studio, but bores me live? I’m really hoping this was just a not-great one-off performance that the band didn’t sign-off on and the record company slapped together for RSD…but it definitely didn’t make me want to explore them any further, which is a shame, because from everything I’ve known up until NOW, I was really thinking I’d love this band.  Maybe I’ll borrow the record from someone and see if I like it better.  I really WANT to be on board.