Get Me Two Tickets to the State that Springfield is in…

Oops forgot to blog all week.  I’m going to limit myself to ten minutes to churn out a random post.  Whatever I get through by 4:00 (my time) is IT for this one…

  1. Today is my niece Tessa’s fourth birthday.  Happy birthday Tessa!  Now stop reading my blog.  There’s probably swearing in it.
  2. Picked up “Boys & Girls,” the premier record by Alabama Shakes.  If they’re not a household name by this time next year, I just give up.
  3. Played at church this morning.  Jeremy led and I backed him up.  I know we did four songs, but I can’t remember the name of one of them…  Here’s what I do recall:
    • Stronger
    • [Title Not Remembered]
    • Sanctuary
    • I Saw the Light
      T-Shirt Worn: Leonard Cohen
  4. Apparently the Cardinals’ World Series rings include an homage to the “rally squirrel.”  Proof that dumbasses are allowed to have WAY too much money.
  5. Been having trouble with my student loan company.  Hoping to confirm that it is resolved shortly.
  6. A wedding happened yesterday that everyone in my family was invited to…well…everyone except me.  Don’t know what I did, but I’m pretty sure I’m not sorry about it.  Still would’ve liked the free wine, though.
  7. Record Store Day is this weekend (April 21)!  Even if my financial situation still sucks, I plan to go to Vintage Vinyl and join in the fun.  Hope to see some of you there!
  8. Shit…only two minutes left…oh well, good enough.

Hope that was fun.  It wasn’t…but I HOPE it was.