How could you?! Haven’t you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain Whatshisname? We live in a society of laws! Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn’t hear anybody laughing, did you? Except at that guy who made sound effects. Where was I? Oh yeah! Stay out of my booze.

Alright, well…  Simpson’s quote copied and pasted…  Let’s get caught up.

  1. Been irritated over the past few days.  Reasons largely unspecified.
  2. My niece Tessa spends most of her day babbling and singing.  She’s turning four this month, so that’s a natural thing.  She was singing a song she made up when she was in the car with my brother and I the other night.  And it was actually kinda catchy.  Assuming she didn’t steal it from somewhere, Dave and I kinda want to write it.  Does that count as a cover song?
  3. Okay…  Got to address this sooner or later, so let’s just dive in.  (Serious Voice begins.)  Many of you have probably seen the CNN report that names Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch and alleges they’ve been abusive toward children who were in their care.  It saddens me to hear about that, and I hope there are some good answers that are going to be presented very, very soon.  I haven’t dug too deeply into it yet, but I want to believe that Pinehaven isn’t as guilty as what I’ve heard would paint them to be.  A lot of you probably don’t know that Bob Larsson (the ranch owner) is my cousin—though I should immediately clarify that I’ve only had approximately three to five conversations with him in my life, counting two e-mails sent in the early 2000’s.  Being that there’s family involved, I won’t say anything about the allegations, particularly since I don’t know anything…but I will say that child abuse is a subject I feel strongly about.  It is a vile, reprehensible, damnable offense, and I do not stand for it.  I hope I am right in feeling that from what I know of him, it would be VERY hard for me to believe that Bob would ever knowingly endanger a child.  (I am presently unclear on if he has been personally accused or is just in a position of having to face the media since he runs the ranch.)  And that’s likely to be all I’ll say about it until the details are clearer.  (Serious Voice ends.)
  4. On a happier note…  I am now the proud owner of a TWSBI Diamond 540 fountain pen.  It’s really cool.  Though it does highlight my terrible penmanship.  The packaging impressed me from moment one, with an embossed outer box, and internal packaging that looks like what would happen if the Apple people got into making pens.  Smooth writing.  Presently using Noodler’s American Eel Black ink.  Want to try some blue soon—I think Noodler’s also makes a Midnight Blue and a Blue-Black that would fit my taste.  (Nobody cares.  I know that.)
  5. Watching CMAs.  Unsure why…  Think I already missed Steve Martin and whatever tribute to Earl Scruggs they were going to do.
  6. My new laptop should be arriving to the store tomorrow.  Super excited, mixed with irritated that it wasn’t here in time for the weekend.  Hope it’s ready for actual pick-up tomorrow.  Worst-case, it’ll be Tuesday, I guess.
  7. I knew Motorhead was making a vodka (which, to my knowledge will not be available in the States, at least at first), but I have just found out they’re making a Shiraz as well.  (That’s a wine, for those who do not partake.)  I’m going to try to get my hands on that.  But…seriously, Motorhead.  Why aren’t you making whiskey???
  8. Sitting around drinking Guinness Black Lager.  It’s like…WAY better than I remembered.  Still not as good as actual Guinness, but I short-changed it on my Tumblr post that I wrote about it a few months back.
  9. Wrestlemania’s tonight.  I’m not watching it, and I’m just kinda peeking in at the results online every now and again.  So this is barely worth mentioning…  But I would’ve felt weird blogging on the night of Wrestlemania and not mentioning it.
  10. Congrats to my friend Jonco over at Bits & Pieces on ten years of helping to fill the Internet with nonsense!  🙂
  11. Found a new solution for mastering music that’s going to save me TONS of time and create a really good sound.  Re-mastered the rough mix of the tracks I’ve done so far for my next record, and it sounds pretty good.  Can’t wait to master something for real!

…and that’ll do for now.  Enjoy your pants.