Words and phrases I’m tired of hearing…

There are words and phrases I hear on an almost daily basis that I find especially irritating.  So here’s a list of some of them. My apologies if you’re guilty of using any of them.  I’ve even found myself using a couple of them here and there.  But if we address it, we can grow together.

Words and phrases I’m tired of hearing:

  1. Retarded – It’s not that I’m offended by the word retarded.  I don’t really know how it got to be offensive to call a handicapable (not a word!) person retarded, but I get why it would bother some people when the term is thrown around as a synonym for “stupid.”  But the main thing that bothers me is that the majority of the time you hear someone call someone or something “retarded,” they’re either referring to themselves or to someone who is definitely not retarded, but who did irritate them.  And that just doesn’t seem an accurate use of the term.  Look, we’re all kind of at the point that even if we don’t think it’s wrong to use the word to describe someone with legitimate mental disabilities, we still realize that it’s going to piss off their family and friends to hear it.  So just give it a rest.
  2. Hubby – Particularly from anyone younger than my grandmother.  That man is your husband.  Please stop thinking you’re being cute.
  3. Stupid/Idiot – Especially when used to describe someone who did not actually do anything stupid, but who just didn’t do what you wanted them to do.  You hear this a lot in offices or in retail situations.  “That guy didn’t include a description of the weather-report in his story.  Pfft!  Idiot!”  No…he described it as he saw it and didn’t think it was worth mentioning that it didn’t rain or snow or whatever.  When you’re describing an educated adult who made a mistake or just didn’t know better, but can otherwise be trusted to zip up his/her own pants, you’re not describing an idiot.  You’re just being mean.
  4. Made-up curse words. – I don’t think I need to discuss why this is on the list.  If you don’t want to say “shit” and instead say “shoot” or “crap” (hmm…crap-shoot?), I get that…  But the middle-aged ladies who say, “oh shibbldy-shop” or make up some other inanely crazy gibberish just drive me nuts.  Although I know one person who regularly says “dingle-berry” and has no idea what they’re describing.  They also think they invented the word “wanker.”  And I think that’s pretty funny.
  5. “It is what it is…” – Of course it is.  You don’t have to tell me that.
  6. “Yeah…but…” – People say this one thinking that they’re appeasing the person they’re arguing with.  they think they’re validating the other person’s argument and giving them a slight victory with the “Yeah…”  However, they’re really just dismissing the person and waiting to follow-up the “but…”  Just make your point.  Don’t placate.
  7. Obamacare – Kind of a controversial one on the list…but I mostly just think it’s poorly managed on both sides.  As is my understanding, the Republicans who are cranky about Socialized healthcare started calling it “Obamacare” in mockery.  The Obama camp then embraced it to wave it around and say, “Yes!  Obama GAVE you this!  You SHOULD remember that!”  So now both sides are regularly using it for either mockery or praise…and it just fails on both sides.
  8. Black guys using the “n-word” and saying that it’s okay. – It just isn’t.  I don’t care if you DO change the “er” to an “a,” you’re still degrading yourself and your race by calling yourself a word that is meant to be used to dehumanize and express hatred.  Why would you even WANT to embrace that?
  9. “Less is more” – No.  It’s not.  Less is by definition LESS, and that’s all it can be.  I understand what you think you’re saying, but you’re wrong.
  10. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” – No, He doesn’t.  He works in the exact same ways He has always worked since the dawn of time.  Just because it’s difficult to comprehend why man would choose to be inhuman to man, that doesn’t mean God’s suddenly decided to drunk-dial His answers to prayers.
  11. “That’s a winner!” – Used most frequently in baseball contexts in reference to Jack Buck’s use of the term when the St. Louis Cardinals would win a game.  But I’ve always hated that expression.  Just seems like the most obvious thing you could possibly say.  And also, isn’t EVERY game a “winner” for someone?  It just seems wholly uncreative and particularly irritating in the context of Facebook posts.
  12. Bro – Stop it.  Just stop it.
  13. And are white people still adding “-izzle” to the end of real words?  If so, then that too.  I liked when Snoop did it…but that’s where it should stop.

…and those are just a few of the many sayings and words I hear people constantly use that bug me.  Hope you enjoyed it and are as irritated by some of them as I am.  🙂

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