Hold it right there Switches of East Face!

As you can tell by the above Simpsons reference (this time a Chief Wiggum quote), it’s time for another random post.  For infamy!  (EDIT: Damn!  I had a typo in the blog title!  Sorry everybody who subscribes and got a title sent to them that made even less sense than the corrected version!)

  1. Haven’t been feeling entirely well for a couple of days, but think I’m back on my feet now.  That’s the short version.
  2. Just ordered a new laptop.  Been lacking one since before Christmas, as longtime readers (you poor, poor souls) may recall.  Going with an Asus this time.  Been hearing good things about them, so why not?  Although laptop shopping has pissed me off quite a bit, as I’ve discovered that Firewire is apparently on its way out after being STANDARD on machines as recently as two years ago.  My recording gear uses Firewire, exclusively…because Firewire provides an information-exchange rate that USB (even USB 3.0) just can not match.  But the computer industry has decided to go with USB 3.0 instead, meaning those of us who paid an assload of money to buy 8-16 channel recording gear or nice video equipment are up the creek.  Because there is absolutely NO conversion from Firewire to USB.  So once my one remaining computer with Firewire ports dies, I’m screwed for being able to run my studio anymore.  Thanks a bunch, geeks.  …but still…cool new laptop coming my way next week.
  3. I’ve been listening to the band Heartless Bastards a lot in the past couple of weeks.  I mentioned them to my brother and he said, “So, do you just not remember that we saw them open for Drive-By Truckers?”  I do not, but I’m sure he’s right.  He reminded me that the lead singer had a cold that night and her voice  was extra raspy.  Apparently we said hello to her at the merch area that night and she apologized for the quality of her voice and that she usually sings better, but she’s been sick.  Dave also said he has more than once had a CD of theirs in his hand and hasn’t bought it for one reason or another.  Whereas I…vaguely remember Dave having a conversation with a girl who had a cold once, but that’s where my memory stops.  Apparently I used to drink a lot—and let me emphasize a LOT—at DBT shows.
  4. Watched The Muppets (new movie) at my brother’s place this weekend.  It’s wonderful.  Exactly what I wanted out of a Muppet movie.  Got a little teary-eyed during “Rainbow Connection.”  Then I probably made a dick-joke or something to cover for it.  But still, great movie!
  5. So there’s this thing that’s been going on in the St. Louis area around Tower Grove Park.  It’s called the “Knockout Game.”  It started out with a bunch of punk-ass kids trying to knock out (usually) older people with one punch to impress the self-proclaimed “Knockout King.”  And like all diseases, it mutated.  It has turned into people beating the hell out of others and leaving them unconscious, often leaving them to DIE, but taking no money or possessions from the victim.  Violence for the sake of violence.  A YOUNG man that several of my friends know (but who I do not) was very badly beaten recently in a crime that the cowardly city officials are refusing to acknowledge as being a part of the Knockout Game, even though it bears ALL of the signs.  (They seem to be trying to say that his multiple facial fractures, contusions, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and other assorted injuries so severe that he has tubes coming out of his chest keeping him alive were caused by “falling off” his bike.  Cowards.)  So…  As a matter of serious petition, please search the Internet for the name Peter Vincent Kruchowski, read his story, see what you can do to help, and drop a line to the city officials telling them that we as citizens of the GREAT city of St. Louis will not put up with them failing to bring those responsible to justice for the sake of their public relations.  Thanks for humoring me.  This is MY city, and this pisses me off.
  6. Dick Cheney got a new heart.  I toyed with several jokes I could make.  Had it narrowed down to a Grinch joke or a Tin Man joke…but instead I’m going to take the high road (kind of) and say that though I do not like the man, completely disagree with his politics, and stand behind every last dirty word I’ve ever said about him, I’m glad he’s not dead, and his family gets more time to spend with him.
  7. In similar news, my aunt Shirley is not doing so well—though I like her a lot more than I like Dick Cheney.  She has been in the hospital with pneumonia so bad that she developed a spinal fracture from coughing.  Her health has been poor for a while, and she’s been in particularly bad shape in the last week or two.  I’d appreciate any good thoughts you could send her way.  She’s the kind of person who always says exactly what she thinks, steps on toes, and then lights a cigarette for good measure (though I think she’s stopped smoking in recent years).  And I’m not quite at the point that I’m ready to pick up the slack and take on that role in the family…so we need to keep Shirley around a little longer!  🙂
  8. Still considering a fountain pen.  Found one online I really like, but can’t find locally to test before buying.  Still, Neil Gaiman uses it, so it can’t be too bad, can it?  It’s a TWSBI Diamond 540.  Also have a contact through my brother’s store who I might like to talk to—though I’m sure it won’t be that specific pen if I go through him.  Either way, thinking I’ll put Noodler’s Blue-Black ink in it, or maybe a midnight blue or dark black…  Crap…  I’m going to end up with six pens just to have a variety of inks, aren’t I?
  9. As a heads-up, my music will soon be coming down from iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster for a little while.  I don’t like the service I’ve been using.  It was supposed to be a $20/year renewal fee for hosting, but they’ve abandoned that and it would cost me $160 to keep all three records online.  So I’m switching services.  I will likely be ONLY on iTunes going forward, but for a LOT cheaper.  The records will probably go up one at a time, starting with the newest one…but we’ll get them pulled from the old server first.  And, working musicians…don’t bother with Tunecore.  CDBaby is the way to go.

Otherwise, I’ve got a handful of things I fully intend to write about this week.  If I actually do or not is up in the air.  Wish me luck!

Current Reading:

  • Kurt Vonnegut – While Mortals Sleep — It’s great.  Short stories.  Wonderful short stories.

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