I was sitting here struggling to come up with a title for several minutes and the best I could do was “Bass in Your FACE!!!” I’m very, very sorry about that.

I realized something the other night while I was up late thinking about tacos and donuts.

The very first electric bass I ever owned was a cheap, pawn-shop purchase.  I loaned it to someone who was then my friend who more or less disappeared and presumably sold it for either rent or drug money and I never saw it again.  For some reason, I was thinking about that bass the other night, when I realized I bought it when I was in sixth grade.  So that means…wait for it…

I have been playing bass for 20 years.

I know, right?  I don’t look that old.  That’s nice of you to say.  But, yeah…20 years.  Of those years, I’ve probably only been GOOD at it for like 15-18 of those years, because the first year or two of playing anything, everyone sucks at it.  It’s your dreams of grandeur that keep you playing…  But even still.  That’s a huge chunk of my life.  I’m 31 (32 in May—you have 66 shopping days left), so that’s pretty much 2/3 of my life spent on four strings.

I want to mark that somehow, but I don’t know how.  I own five basses.  Is it time for a sixth?  Some awesome, ridiculous bass to mark 2 decades of filtering being pissed off through a power amp?  And where the hell would the money come from?  Maybe not.  Maybe I’ll take some pictures of the basses for the Tumblr page and document some stories about them.  Maybe I’ll record a few bass solos and throw them on the website (which—side note—is in the early stages of a re-design, as I’m also working to get music for Two Hangmen online and on iTunes).  Or maybe I’ll do all of that, or none of that.  I’m not sure just what I’ll do yet.

But some time, before the Mayan Apocalypse, I WILL mark the fact that I have been playing the bass for 20 years, and you WILL know about it, unless you don’t come back and read the blog again or just don’t give a damn or something.

So there.

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