Vacation Wrap Up

Well, my vacation is over as of 9:00 tomorrow morning, when I clock back in at work.  (EDIT: Actually, I guess that’s THIS morning now…wow…this took a long time to write.)  Deliberately didn’t blog during it, so I’m probably going to forget some stuff…but let’s do a summary of the week.  Random style, of course.  (Though this will be semi-in order by day…so organized-random.)

  1. Monday and Tuesday I went to work.  Same old…
  2. At 5:00 on Tuesday the vacation began.  It was a fairly normal night, all-told.  Had a rehearsal with Two Hangmen.  Went pretty well.  Then I just watched TV and such until I went to bed.
  3. Wednesday was my first real day off.  Slept in, but only a little bit.  Put on pants around 10:00, then watched a decent amount of an Andy Griffith marathon.
  4. Did some mixing/level-tests on some of the material I’ve been working on for the new record (“Pop Art Manifesto”).  Some of it sounds pretty good.  Some of it doesn’t.  Trying to fix the latter part.
  5. Met up with my friend Shara Lyn and Moya (see her blog in the links for details on Moya, if you don’t know who that is) for dinner and ice cream.  It was nice.  It’s weird, I’ve seen more of Shara Lyn since she moved to Haiti than I did in like 5-10 years prior.  It’s always great to see her and it was kinda the highlight of the week—with all due apologies to my church group, which I skipped out on.  We seem to just pick right back up from where we left off every time we meet, and that’s a rare, wonderful thing to find in a friend.
  6. Thursday, I don’t think I did anything at all.  Seriously.  I’m a complete blank on anything I might’ve done on Thursday.
  7. Friday I spent most of the day doing nothing, then went out to my brother’s place and did more nothing.  We watched some Father Ted on DVD and got Sonic for dinner.  Then I left there and stayed up late watching MORE Father Ted.  Not a bad thing.
  8. Saturday was the big St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  For whatever reason, I was irritated for most of the day.  Probably from having to get up so damn early to get a parking space.
  9. (St. Patrick’s Day—continued):  Camped out in St. James the Greater Catholic Church, as always.  Watched the Irish Aires play a set or two.  Watched one of those horrifying, just barely a step above “Child Beauty Pageant” step dancing kids’ groups perform.  (I mean no real disrespect to the kids—they were very talented—but are the wigs really necessary?  Just seems like the organizers are trying to make them look TOO adult, when they could look like, y’know, KIDS doing an awesome thing.)  Ate some kind-of-okay corned beef.  Then it rained its ass off, and I was very irritated that we didn’t leave before that happened.  Once we did, it was BRUTAL traffic, more pouring rain, and car accidents on both ends of the street, resulting in an hour journey to go three blocks.  But hey…corned beef.
  10. (St. Patrick’s Day—continued):  Somehow, I made it until 6:00 without drinking a Guinness.  The church didn’t serve Guinness (I KNOW, right?!?) and I didn’t have a ton of time to pick any up.  Showed up to a party at the home of my friends the Blacks and had my share of Guinness there.  Good thing, too.  I’m Irish.  If I don’t have Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll go to Hell.
  11. (St. Patrick’s Day—continued):  The party at the Blacks’ was fun.  Saw some friends I only see at their house when they have get-togethers.  My good friend Larry was in attendance.  (Long-time readers of the blog—how sad—will remember that I used to work with Larry.)  Larry and I sat on opposite sides of the couch and just bullshitted all night and kept ourselves entertained.  I’ve missed that, ever since he moved to Kansas City.  Then again, we text each other so often, it’s sometimes like he never left.  Andy and Tara (aka “the Blacks”) provided corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, and it was excellent.  WAY better than the stuff at the church.  Tara makes an actual ROAST, as opposed to offering that sliced nonsense most people seem to try to shove down your throat.  Much appreciated that she goes to the effort.
  12. (St. Patrick’s Day—continued):  St. Patrick’s Day kind of drew to a close for me around 11:00 at the Blacks’ house.  Someone at the party decided that it was movie-time and that we’d watch that Irish classic “Creepshow 2.”  Ahem.  (Actually not sure they ended up watching that, as there was some opposition.)  I wasn’t really in the mood for a movie, and I was tired since I’d gotten up so early for the Dogtown festivities, so I split around then.  But I think a good time was had by all.  And Guinness was had by some.
  13. (St. Patrick’s Day—concluded):  I plopped myself down on the couch and watched a few more episodes of Father Ted, finished off the home-supply of Guinness and went to bed to get up for church today, and St. Patrick’s Day officially ended.
  14. Church was weird.  We’ve been going through the Beatitudes and we were on “blessed are the persecuted.”  So they had us meet in a dark room, with no real format, telling stories of church persecution in other countries.  I got the point, but I didn’t really care for it, if I’m honest.  Telling me stories of persecuted missionaries and how they’re often tortured, raped, murdered, and worse…that just cements my decision to not be a missionary to a country where Christianity is illegal.  And those were the stories today.  Don’t particularly care to hear about that kind of thing and found the whole day depressing, as they stated that they didn’t really even want us to have any fellowship time as we left, unless we really needed to talk to someone.  And I’m not sure if there was any HOPE described today.  Seemed hopeless, dreary, and dark.  The kind of stories where you not only feel disturbed hearing them, but also are pretty much told (though no one actually says it), “…so your problems barely even COUNT as problems.”  But they do…and though services like that are impactful and serve a purpose…I just don’t like them.  They’re not why I go to church.  And I guess that’s a “first world” problem, huh?  I guess there was supposed to be an implied “but it’s worth it, because of Jesus,” but I didn’t really catch that part.  I just found the whole thing depressing to the point that I then went on Facebook and asked if anyone had any NICE stories to share.   Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I don’t get it.  (Probably.)  But I’m just not sure how being beaten, tortured, raped, and killed is supposed to “glorify” God in the first place, quite frankly.  Why must we mourn that we don’t have that kind of persecution in America?  Shouldn’t we be grateful and happy about it?
  15. Sorry to be a bit of a downer in that last bit…  Say…  Aren’t cakes awesome?
  16. Presently waiting for my laundry to finish, and then it’s off to bed.  Work in the morning is going to be a struggle.  On Monday and Tuesday of last week, I was thinking I should’ve just taken the whole week off.  I think I’m going to feel doubly strong about that tomorrow!

…so anyway…  Not a bad vacation.  Worst part about it is that it’s ending.

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