Quick post that ended up being longer than I expected it to be. The title is also longer than intended.

Feeling kinda blah and sleepy after a long day of extreme sitting down…and also it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t much care for that…  But I wanted to post the song list from church this weekend, before I forget it forever.  So that’s why I’m writing.

It was a good service this week, I think.  Good sermon, good conversation…and for the most part, I think the songs went okay.  Played my 12-string Takamine.  Hadn’t played it in a long time* and I think the strings were still on there from back when I was still Music Ministering…  Should’ve changed them.  Sounded okay and held up for MOST of the songs, but broke the (root) D string on the second to last verse of the last song.  There was a time that would’ve stopped me cold…  But I think I must’ve become a better guitarist somewhere along the way, because this time I made a joke about it, people laughed, and I finished the song.  So it was cool.  Out of tune, but cool.

I jokingly opened the service by asking, “Hey, do you guys remember the year 2006?  ‘Cause we’re gonna do some songs I used to do when I was a music minister in 2006.”  🙂

Song list:

  1. Let Everything that has Breath
  2. I Will Praise You (…which, incidentally, is not said anywhere in the lyric of the song, so I’m not sure why that’s the title.)
  3. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (As communion song)
  4. You Alone
  5. Revive Us Again

T-shirt worn: Kind of a complicated one to describe.  It’s one issued by Hank Williams III.  Has a picture of Hank Sr. on the front and reads, “Hank Williams Would Agree…”  Then on the back it says, “The Opry has Sinned.”  It’s about how the Opry refuses to reinstate Hank Sr, but they have a lookalike standing outside the Opry greeting people.  Shirt’s meant to raise awareness to that…but mostly it just ends in this lengthy explanation and no one cares by the time you’re done talking.  Just like now.  Hi there!

I’ll try to write more things later in the week.

* EDIT: Just remembered! I used the Tak on the “Wayne County EP” last year.  (That’s still available for ABSOLUTELY FREE on the website, by the way.)  But I think the strings legitimately were as old as I think they were.