Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible!

Haven’t blogged in like a week.  Oops.  Here’s a random post.  Hurrah!

  1. Played at church today.  Didn’t lead, per se…but played.  My friend Jeremy was leading and I was backing him up.  He was kind enough to thank me for “carrying him,” because that’s the kind of guy he is, but in reality of the five songs we did, I had never played FOUR of them before rehearsal, so if anyone was carrying anyone, it was Jeremy.  Plus, he’s a really good singer and knows how to read a room, so he’s much better than he gives himself credit for.  Anyway…here’s the list…
    1. Sweetly Broken
    2. Forever Reign
    3. I Surrender All
    4. You Are God Alone
    5. Revelation Song
      T-shirt worn: U2
  2. Got a haircut.  A friend told me that he’s known me for probably half my life, but he’s never seen it this short.  I think it has been though…I just don’t think we saw much of each other during that time.
  3. Haven’t blogged since before I found out that my friend Jim’s dad passed away (around this time last week).  Mr. Manno was a good guy.  He had nice things to say to even me, who he had no reason to be nice to.  I hadn’t seen him in probably ten years, though I’ve seen Jim a number of times during those years.  Mr. Manno was a musician.  He played harmonica and played in quartets and clubs in the St. Louis area…and he regularly played with Stan Musial.  You read that right.  THAT Stan Musial.  Apparently he plays harmonica, and my friend’s dad played with him a bunch of times.  Dunno if he came by the wake or not though.  Anyway…rest in peace, Mr. Manno.
  4. Got the new Leonard Cohen record (“Old Ideas”) along with a lithograph of a thing Leonard drew.  It’s good.  Sort of sleepy listen, but that’s to be expected of almost any Cohen record, to some degree.  There are some really great lyrics.  I would have preferred that *some* of the music be mixed a little bit louder in places, but on what could conceivably be the LAST Leonard Cohen record (he’s in his late 70s), I can understand why they’d want his voice to be the focal point.  Overall, I give it a B+.  Favorite lyric: “I love to speak with Leonard./He’s a sportsman and a shepherd./He’s a lazy bastard living in a suit.”
  5. Giants won the Significant Tea-Server, or whatever you call it.  Always good to watch the Patriots lose, when you’re from St. Louis.  I don’t even watch football (except for the Superior Goblet), but I’ve got enough town pride that even I hate the Patriots.
  6. Bought a Pignose amplifier.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a guitar amp that’s about the size of a cigar box (in fact, if memory serves, I think the first one was actually made from one) and every guitarist owns one at one point or another.  It has been used by such names as Clapton, The Eagles, and Frank Zappa.  It was the first truly portable, battery-powered amplifier.  I didn’t but one for years and years, but finally broke down and grabbed one.  In the last few years, I’ve developed a taste for vintage equipment, and though the one I bought was made fairly recently (probably in the last year), Pignose amps are still constructed exactly the same way they were decades ago, so I liked the idea.  Plugged it in and fell in love immediately.  This is VERY close to the fuzz-tone I’ve been looking for for a VERY long time.  Trying to figure out how to wire it into my Fender amp to have the best of both worlds.  Very happy with that purchase.  Think it’ll find a nice home on my new record, too…whenever that happens.
  7. I think I need a vacation.  This isn’t a “my job sucks and I hate being there!” post or anything like that.  People there are basically nice to me and all…  It’s just that the weekends are starting to feel like they go by in an hour, and I could use a few days in a row of sleep and rest.  And maybe a small trip somewhere.  Not that I can afford that.  But a few days to sit around lazily and play my guitar(s)…that sounds great.  (Plus, there are some odds and ends to tie up with the kitchen remodel–cleaning mostly–and that’s kind of a big deal.)  I might ask if I can take like a Wednesday through Friday in early March or something…maybe leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.  Or this may just be blog-talk.  And blog-talk is basically nonsense.
  8. Had some of the all-caramel Milky Ways.  Really good…but I missed the rest of the Milky Way.  Don’t get me wrong, if I ever need a caramel overload, this is where I’m turning, but for the most part, I’m a creature of habit.
  9. Been falling in love with the TV show “An Idiot Abroad.”  Really funny.  Probably helps if you know who Karl Pilkington is…but kinda works anyway, I think.

…and that’ll do it for now, I think.  I’ll try to blog more this week.