Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me.

(Post title’s a Ralph Wiggum quote…for no good reason…)

Haven’t done a random post in a little bit…and my brain has lots of things in it, but is too tired to do full posts on anything…so this seems like a good time for it.  And hey look…Kaley Cuoco’s hosting the People’s Choice Awards this year…neat.

  1. Got to see my good friend Shara Lyn tonight.  She’s normally in Haiti, but is in St. Louis briefly before flying back out.  Good to see her.  Good evening.  Shara Lyn’s one of the handful of people in my life that I don’t mind sounding like an idiot in front of because I’ve known her for 20 years (and yet she hasn’t aged a freaking day since high school!) and she knows I meant well.  She’s still doing great things in Haiti.  I got to hear some of the non-support-letter version tonight (which doesn’t mean it’s like DIRT or anything…just got to hear about the day-to-day stuff—no major scandals or whatever), and her passion for what she does comes through even when she’s describing the challenges.  And it was fun to watch her playing with and mothering Moya as well.  (If you don’t know who Moya is, see Shara Lyn’s blog in my links.  And for those who aren’t going to click, just to clarify, I’m using the word “mothering” non-literally…even though it’s sort of literal in its way.)  Did my heart good to see Shara Lyn on a number of levels.  Always good to see an old (yet frustratingly ageless) friend.
  2. Briefly thought I was going to have food poisoning tonight.  Lunch at work was sitting kinda funny (and I’m not the only one who had that problem), and I’ve been avoiding food.  Don’t really want to eat even now, but I think I’m past thinking I might get ill.  Except for gettin’ ill on the MICROPHONE!!!  WHAT?!?!?  (Sorry.)
  3. Christmas is in freaking DAYS.  I have to buy wine for the meal, and I’d like to get my nephew something boy-ish to play with, so he has something that shouldn’t just as well belong to one of his sisters…but I haven’t sorted that out yet.  Also not quite sure what to get Grandma, because she doesn’t really ask for anything anymore.  I’m thinking a scarf and a handshake.
  4. What is that one Goo Goo Dolls song?  I was trying to reference it earlier tonight and I couldn’t remember it…the one really famous one from a few years ago?  I can’t believe I’m still blanking on this…
  5. I’m at the point that I think I’m ready to make a formal declaration…  It’s time I lost some weight.  As I mentioned on the blog (with some frequency, for which I apologize), my former college roommate recently died.  He was a heavy man and a lot of his health problems could be traced back to his weight…  And even though I’m the guy who said he planned to die by 25…I didn’t.  And Derrick’s death kinda scared the hell out of me, in that respect.  So borrowed time or not…maybe it’s time I made the most of it and got to the point that I can get up a flight of stairs without panting again.
  6. There’s potential for some exciting stuff at work.  I probably can’t and/or shouldn’t talk about it either for legal or just “don’t jinx it!” purposes…but y’know…throw some good thoughts our way if you think of it.
  7. The only TV shows I’ve been keeping up with this year have been Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Deadliest Catch and Conan.  And two of those aren’t showing new episodes right now (but there’s a Doctor Who Christmas special on Christmas Day!!!) and Conan doesn’t really have a continuous plot.  I miss House and How I Met Your Mother…and I still miss LOST, come to think of it…but that one’s just over…and I’ve got to learn to accept that.
  8. I learned a great deal about Egg Nog today through a series of discussions.  Not really worth the time…but it was useless information I was lacking.  Way to go Google!
  9. Made a weird playlist of songs that mean a lot to me.  I like it…but others probably would find it deeply confusing…but nonetheless…how great is Aimee freaking Mann?!?  I’ll tell you how great…infinity.  She is infinity great.
  10. My friend Tara has resumed posting the insane things we say at the office on her Twitter page.  I’m “db,” of course.  Her page provides a fascinating window into my dementia.  Enjoy.
  11. Drove by the new Five Guys in town tonight…and it’s OPEN!  I was tempted to stop, and possible food-poisoning be damned…but decided to play it safe.  Still…early Christmas, man…  Early Christmas.

…and that’s it for now.  If I don’t blog before then, I’ll at least post my usual kinda-sad memorial post on Christmas Eve…so look forward to that.

Oh…and Happy Hanukkah, Jews!


Me, regarding Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime:” That song makes me want to punch Paul McCartney in the face.  Repeatedly.  On Christmas Day, in the snow, while a choir of children sings the song faintly in the background.  He was a BEATLE, for God’s sake!

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