It’s weird…I’m actually blogging MORE now that my laptop’s dead. I guess I feel like the pressure’s on.

On Thursday, I finally got the first mix of Mike Feldman’s new demo to him.  It was the FIRST mix.  The one you expect to change.  The one where something’s going to be too loud, something’s going to be too quiet, and some sound or noise is going to slip through that you didn’t realize was there.  Usually.

Apparently I did it right this time.  On Friday, I got a call from Mike.  No fixes.  No corrections.  Nailed it in one.

There’s still the Christmas song on there that might need some corrections.  I’m not sure.  The keyboard player for the band wrote that one.  I had to do some sound-effect selection on my own, and I’m not sure if she’ll like what I chose.  Plus, it’s one of her first solo outings as a writer, so she’ll probably be less willing to let some stuff slide as the rest of us are.  There’s a lot you’ll hear as the writer of a project that just plain doesn’t matter to anyone else, and after a while, most of us let it go.  I have a rule of thumb I follow myself—if I won’t notice it next year, I can forget about it now.  Conversely, if it will still bug me in FIVE years, I should do something about it right away.  So, jury’s out on how much stuff will bother the keyboard player five years from now, I guess…awaiting her notes, if any…

But for the most part, apparently I’ve gotten good at this nonsense!