Just so you know…

My laptop is dead.  Like dead, dead.  So dead I ripped the hard-drive out of it so I can salvage what was on it…that kind of dead.  Still figuring out what to do about that…  So you’re likely to hear a little less from me until I’ve sorted it out.

I know, I know…  “But Derek…we only hear from you about once a week as it is!”

Yeah.  Sorry about that.  But thank you for spelling my name right.  Sooooo many people spell it wrong.

I’m looking into new laptops.  Mostly I’m just excited about getting Windows 7.  All I really need is something that I can install Cubase (recording software) on and also plug a Firewire thing into…

So…either you’ll hear from me more randomly than usual, or I’ll get a new laptop and I’ll resume my usual randomness…  Either way…it’s basically the same.


Current Drinking:

  • Unibroue’s Maudite.  It’s somehow like drinking a rose.  Don’t ask me how.  But I’m right about that.