When a band plays “I Want You to Want Me” but screws up the ending, and you can honestly with no joking say, “Ehh, I’ve heard Cheap Trick do it worse,” you’ve seen a lot of Cheap Trick shows.

Here’s stuff from the past week.  You know how this works.

  1. Songs played at Pursuit this week:
    1. Blessed Be Your Name
    2. O How I Love Jesus
    3. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
    4. I Surrender All
    5. Water
    6. Wonderful Words of Life
      T-shirt worn: Frank Zappa. (The one with a measure from “The Black Page” on it.)
  2. Considering skipping work this Thursday to attend Derrick’s funeral (see previous post).  It’s in Springfield, IL—where his family lives.  Don’t really know the area, and I’ve actually been lost there more than once, so I think I’m only going to go if I can find someone to go with me…and if work’s okay with it, of course.  We’ll see.  There’s also a memorial being held in St. Louis on Friday, and if I don’t go to the funeral, I’ll go to that…but y’know…a memorial’s nice, but it’s not a funeral.
  3. Thanksgiving went okay.  Missed the big family gathering/reunion…but we got the St. Louis crowd together (except for my two cousins who live here, who were…actually I don’t even know…I’m going with “working”).  Smaller gathering with too much pie…but it was good.
  4. Went out and saw the Michael Feldman Group play on Saturday.  Good show.  Mike asked me to jump up and play bass/sing for a couple of songs.  Did “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Further on Up the Road.”  It was fun.  Hung out with my friends Boyce and John during the set, and John snapped a picture of me that I’ll probably put on the Tumblr page sooner or later.  After the show was over, the drummer (Dave) and I ordered some whiskey and toasted Derrick—Dave is a teacher and had taught him in a business course or two.  So that was cool, all around.
  5. On Friday, I went over to the home of my friends the Blacks.  On Black Friday, no less.  Our mutual friend Larry was in town and we did a dinner/hanging out thing, along with some folks I don’t know quite as well (though Josh, who was also there, and I go way back).  Fun night.  Stayed out until about 2 a.m. at which point Andy and Tara decided it was bedtime.  Figured we should leave for that.  (They’re very hospitable, having us over so late, even though they have like a three-month-old son.)
  6. On Wednesday, I went to a liquor store I recently found in town and bought a pack of Boulevard’s Dark Truth Stout.  I’d never had it or anything from the Boulevard company before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  Easily in my top-five stouts.  I’m going to have to take some pictures of the next pack I buy and do a proper write-up for the Tumblr page (and there WILL be a next pack!).
  7. I broke my laptop screen pretty professionally.  The laptop’s been freezing up regularly (basically a by-product of running Vista) and it’s been very frustrating.  Been getting worse and worse and I’ve been getting mad at it.  It froze up three times while I was listening to the same mix (for a band) and I got mad and slammed down the lid really hard.  Opened it back up and found that there is now a kind of spider-webby quality to it, with some large black lines/spots on the screen.  I’m writing on it right now, so it’s basically functional…but there are large portions of the screen I can’t see anymore, which makes reading/writing kind of hard.  Gonna have to live with it a while…hopefully either Santa or my next tax return is kind to me and I can get a new one.  (But the government doesn’t work that way, and lately Santa’s been kind of a dick…doesn’t answer my letters anymore.)
  8. Still haven’t written my Christmas list.  It’s mainly going to be Queen, Rush, and Pink Floyd related though.  And some of those super-hero movies I didn’t see.

…and I’m going to stop.  I know there’s other stuff I was meaning to write about…but who can remember?