The only word I spelled wrong in this post was “Tyrannosaurus.” So keep an eye out for it. I mean…it’s spelled right now…but you have no idea in what context it was used.

Well it’s been almost a week since my last post (unless I finish this after midnight…then it’s been a week).  Sorry about that.  I suck at this lately.  Here’s random stuff…

  1. Been eating a lot of Mac & Cheese recently.  Enjoying that.
  2. Had an amazing donut the other day.  It was vanilla and custard, and it was awesome.
  3. I read and posted about (on a different page) an article where they say the CD might be phased out within 2 years, and it’ll just be MP3.  I hate that.  MP3 is an inferior product.  There is no hard copy.  There is no artwork (and yes, I know you can download it on SOME of them…but that doesn’t really count, imo).  There’s inferior sound…and there’s nothing to collect.  I’m a music collector.  A fan of the physical product…  Perhaps a dinosaur…but I’m not sure why that’s supposed to be an insult…you ever run into a Tyrannosaurus, it’ll probably eat your sorry ass.  If the music industry doesn’t make a physical product, I see no reason to buy MP3s, since they’re so easily stolen.  The more physical products they take away from us, the more pirates they create…and unfortunately, I might turn into one of them.  I don’t want to.  I want to pay for my music and support the artist (but not the labels)…  But why do it when it’s not what I want, and it’s not as good as what used to be?  And yeah, I know people have said that at the turn of every product…but in those cases, there was a product to buy.  Now there isn’t.  There’s just easily destroyed, easily lost, easily deleted, easily forgotten 1-s and 0-s.  But I’m ranting…sorry.
  4. New comic books tomorrow.  Looking forward to that!
  5. Only one more day of work before the Thanksgiving holiday.  I really need the extra days off.  I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to this…just wish the family meal/reunion hadn’t been cancelled…
  6. New record is progressing kinda.  Making some decisions about tone and whatnot.  It’ll be a slow process.  Think I’ve made a small lyrical breakthrough on one I was struggling with though.
  7. Two Hangmen rehearsed with a DRUMMER tonight!  Probably some news about that on the horizon…but I’ll keep you waiting for now.
  8. My friend Larry should be coming into town tomorrow through the weekend.  Hoping to hang out with him some during that time.
  9. The Christian band Five Iron Frenzy asked fans to contribute to helping them release their new album.  They raised something like $30,000 within the first hour.  They’re nearing $50,000 as I write this, I think.  Is it just me or is that (1) kind of exploiting your fan-base who clearly would’ve paid for it without you asking them to, and (2) also a huge amount of pressure to make an album that…y’know…doesn’t suck?  (But maybe I’m just still bitter from the time I went to meet the band and an un-named member of the group was a dick.)
  10. It’s weird…I haven’t really written my Christmas List yet.  I normally do that on Halloween.  Ehh…been a rough, busy month or so…I’ll have it done by January, latest.
  11. I’m still on a Lou Reed kick.  It’s getting nuts.

…and that’s all.  Maybe I’ll have more time to write with a few days off.  Or maybe I’ll forget all about it.  Click back over to find out!  (Actually, if nothing else, I’m playing at church on Sunday, so I’ll probably at least post the song list before the weekend’s over.)