All you people who are posting comments on the Internet about “Lulu” without buying and listening to it are idiot hipsters who don’t deserve ears. It’s fine if you think it sucks. That’s no big deal. But to not HEAR it and say it sucks…YOU suck! Also, I have a canker sore under my lower lip…right in front. That sucks too.

Well, I’d love it if I had a week or two where I felt like I wasn’t wasting time by doing things I actually WANT to do, like writing on the blog.  I’ve been so busy and exhausted, I just don’t want to write anymore.  I’m hoping that fixes itself soon.  Here’s some random stuff, just to keep the blog alive…

  1. I led worship at Pursuit this past Sunday.  Here’s the song list:
    1. Praise Adonai
    2. Victory in Jesus
    3. Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful (as Communion song)
    4. Sing to the King
    5. Grace Greater than Our Sin
    6. Your Love, Oh Lord
  2. I ate at Blueberry Hill today.  Rough, busy day at work.  Medically NEEDED a burger and a beer.  They never disappoint in either category.  By far my favorite burger in St. Louis, and one of my favorite bars/restaurant.
  3. Been listening to a ton of Lou Reed based music.  Been spending a lot of time with his solo stuff, but also been absorbing the complete Velvet Underground.  I finally picked up a (used) copy of the Velvet box set (“Peel Slowly and See”) and now have more VU than anyone needs…it’s been really enjoyable.  I’ve also still been drifting back toward Lou’s collaboration with Metallica (“Lulu”) that came out a couple of weeks ago.  I think I’m addicted to it.  I’m just going to say it…it’s going on the top ten.
  4. I have been recording/engineering a new demo for the Michael Feldman Group, including an original Christmas song written by the keyboard player/vocalist (Catherine).  It’s weird working on a Christmas song when I traditionally don’t like Christmas music…but I like a challenge.  Plus, Catherine’s excited about it, so that helps make it easier.  The main sessions are over, and I’m just mixing/mastering now…it’ll be nice to have my free time back, so I don’t have to keep sticking microphones in front of things.
  5. …except that I’m still sticking microphones in front of things.  But they’re my own things, as “Pop Art Manifesto” keeps unfolding.  I’m really liking the songs I have so far.  I think there are 8 presently in the “serious” demo stages.  Just need three or four more and we’ve got a record.  But of course, I’m writing about that elsewhere.
  6. My family’s Thanksgiving celebration isn’t happening this year.  The folks who normally host it decided they’re not doing it anymore and no one else had time to get it together.  Those of you who know me or have read the blog in the past know how devastating I find that.  I don’t think I even want to do anything at all without going to the family celebration that usually happens.  Anything I do will just make me miss the thing I normally do…and I think I’d rather just ignore it completely…but I might change my tune on that, depending on what plans spring up in the family that is local to St. Louis…  We’ll see.  Either way, it sucks that it’s not happening this year…and it sucks more than I wasn’t informed of it until just a little bit over a week before the holiday.  Ugh…
  7. The backsplash tile for my kitchen arrived this week.  I’m very excited!  I love the tile, and I’ve been looking forward to it going in ever since I first saw it.  It’s kind of what I built the whole kitchen around.  I think I still need to pick a shade of grout (caulk?) for it…but otherwise, it’s almost all together!  Yay!

And that’s all I feel like writing.  It’s about 1:30 in the morning, and I need to go to bed.  Work today was long and taxing…and tomorrow’s going to be about the same, if not more so.  (No idea how my desk got so busy…but man, it’s exhausting.)  Sleep is my best friend and worst enemy…here’s hoping it’s kind to me tonight.