Manifesto Manifesting…

I’m too lazy to search for it…but I think it was last year on the blog that I said I might be putting together some songs for a record to be released at an undetermined time somewhere in the far off future.  I think I even announced the name of the project at the time…and I think I noted that I knew the title was stupid and didn’t care.

Well…some progress is being made.  I’d say I know 85-90% of the stuff that’s going to be on the project and how it’ll be arranged.  I have even begun seriously laying down tracks on a couple of them.  I’m sticking to my guns when I say that I don’t know when I’m going to put the thing out…might not even be in 2012.  And if it is, I’d say LATE 2012…probably more like 2013.  But I guess what I’m getting at is that I am now officially announcing that I am unofficially working on a new record for release at some time…  Only thing I can say for sure is it’ll happen after Two Hangmen gets on its feet.  One thing at a time and all that…

In case you forgot…the stupid, stupid name of the record is going to be “Pop Art Manifesto.”  Unless I change it.  Which I probably won’t.

I like to do something new and different to mark each project.  With “Grounds” I launched  With “Things I Meant to Say,” I launched my blog.  With “Out from the Light” I found my way onto iTunes and redesigned the website.  With “New Year’s Eve” I dipped my toes into giving stuff out for free on the website.  With the Blue Tattoo and Two Hangmen stuff I’ve found ways to make the “DIY” process look more professional and less slapped together.  With “Wayne County” I found myself posting stuff for the first time on tumblr.

This time, I’m going to do an online diary of it.  A tumblr page, not too dissimilar from my present one, but just for record-stuff.  Pictures, notes…stray lyrics…etc.  It’s not set up yet, but I’ll let you know when I’ve got it ready.  I won’t promote it too much, as it’ll be a little bit stranger and less fun than the other stuff I do online…it’s mostly for my enjoyment and to help my “process” (if any)…but I’ll share the link with those who might be interested.

…ah…and the file render I was waiting for has finished…so now I can stop writing.  🙂


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