All in all it was a weird weird lot of days…

I’ve had a weird week…  Here are the bullet point.

  1. Had a gas leak at the house.  Basically, the gas line to the stove had to be replaced, and we only figured that out by running gas through it.  Luckily, I’ve been staying with my dad until the kitchen’s in order, or it definitely would’ve killed me in my sleep.  I walked up to the door one morning and smelled gas before I even opened it.  Ran downstairs and hit the shutoff and aired the place out.  It’s all fixed now…but I’m lucky nothing blew up and no one died.
  2. Work has been filled with weird claims and tasks.  Of course, I can’t really talk much about any of it, due to confidentiality things…but trust me…there’s been weird stuff going on at my desk.
  3. On my way to work today, I was at a stoplight and saw two guys screaming at each other in what I think was Korean.  Then  they kissed.  Glad they made up.
  4. Also today, I worked a half-day, doing the job of a coworker of mine that was not in the office today, and another coworker did my job for me.  Then I left to deal with some concerns at the house, relating to the kitchen and basement.  (Too boring to go into detail.)
  5. Yesterday I was driving to a store.  I was in the left-most lane, next to the turn lane.  Lady in front of me came to a full stop with no one in front of her (and no turn signal on, not that it matters).  Being that I was going to the place on the left, I just went around random-stop-lady and got in the turn lane and made my turn.  She turned into the parking lot after me then yelled at me (using the f-word—that’s right, she said “fuck!“—in front of the small child she had with her) about how she was going to turn and I cut her off etc, etc.  I think the only thing I said was “You stopped in the middle of the lane.  Next time get in the turn lane.  Now don’t make this get serious in front of the kid.”  At which point I was told not to tell her how to raise her child.  And I said that someone should and walked away with her still yelling.  In hindsight I’m lucky she didn’t do anything any crazier than yelling…but I almost wish she had.  Would’ve enjoyed calling a cop on her and watching how quickly she changed her tune.  Feel bad for the kid though.  Can’t imagine what he must live with every day.
  6. Recorded a demo for a band tonight.  We’re doing some more tomorrow and I think we’re wrapping it on Monday.  Possible post-production fixes to be made too…but we’ll see.  Recording’s always weird, but usually good-weird.
  7. Also weird…  Lou Reed & Metallica’s “Lulu.”  If you caught me on a different day, I might’ve said I hate it…but today I like it.  I was slightly unprepared for how dark it is (and make no mistake, it’s VERY dark).  It’s not at ALL catchy.  It will not go down in history as one of my favorite records…but I like it.  My only real criticism is that sometimes Lou Reed (who has completely stopped caring about things like “melody” and “rhythm”) sounds more like Stan Lee than he sounds like Lou Reed…but yeah…all in all, I think it’s good.  I think the Metallica fans who’re bitching about it probably just don’t like or more likely don’t KNOW Lou Reed in the first place and/or expected an actual Metallica record (when really this is more like a bizarrely heavy Reed record).  So basically, now Metallica fans know exactly how I felt hearing every record between “…And Justice for All” and “Death Magnetic.”  Tell you this though…even though I like this record, I really would’ve loved to hear the Velvet Underground version of these songs.  (That doesn’t exist, of course…but it would be amazing.  A completely different TONE, mind you, but amazing.)
  8. I made cookies.  That’s not very weird…but it happened.
  9. I was in line at the comic book store on Wednesday when I realized I hadn’t activated my new bank card…so I had to do that while they were ringing me up.  Worked out just fine.

…and I don’t know…I’m tired.  It’s only 12:30…but I think I’m going to bed.