Summary of a Weird Week…and Rock Show…

Been a weird week.

I’ve had the anticipation of the Drive-By Truckers show building all week.  I’m not too hot on the band’s most recent record (which I’ll talk about at length in my top 10 of 2011—sooner than I’m prepared for since the damn year’s already almost over!)…but their shows are always magical, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time.

In the week leading up to the show, the St. Louis Cardinals were moving closer and closer to winning the World Series (of Baseball!!!).  The whole series, as most of you know better than I do, had been back and forth, and from what I hear the whole thing was one for the ages.  (I’m not that into Baseballing.  Sorry America.)  Game 6 could’ve decided the whole thing if the Rangers had won it.  It was scheduled for Wednesday.  Then it rained.  And rained.  And the game was moved to Thursday.

Somewhere along the way, my Dad ended up with a ticket to see Game 7 of the series, if it went that far.  Now, I’m no baseball fan, as I said, but even I can see the appeal of going to Game 7 when your hometown team is in the World Series.  (Especially if you’re someone like my dad, who at one time worked at Sportsman’s Park, for God’s sake!)  But the problem was that Dad is also a Drive-By Truckers fan…and he had a ticket to that too…and with Game 6 being moved to Thursday, Game 7 was now scheduled for Friday…the same day as the DBT show.

Of course, you all know by now that it did go to Game 7.  And yes, Dad went to the game.  And yes, he saw the Cardinals win.

The Truckers ended up sending out Facebook messages throughout the day on Friday announcing that the start of their set would be moved back to 10:30—they later amended that to be “the end of the game” (which could’ve been forever, but was just a little bit after 10:30, as it turned out).  For a second, we thought Dad might make it to the show after all…but he didn’t.  So my brother and I watched the Boys (and Girl) from Alabama rock the Pageant without Dad for the first time in several years.  Kind of a bummer…but at least Dad saw the game.

And so did we…the Pageant brought down a big-assed screen in front of the stage and showed the game on it.  The opening band still went on at 8:30, and I suspect they played longer than they were originally meant to…but then the screen came down and the concert-goers watched the Cards win the Golden Ball, or whatever the hell they give you for winning that thing.  The club let the feed run a little longer than they should have, probably…because a LOUD “D-B-T! D-B-T!” chant started in the club (which I was very happy to hear…because rock and roll kicks baseball’s ass any day…and most other things, too).  The band was on not long thereafter and they put on a GREAT rock show.

And that was one part of my weird week…

The rest of my weird week had to do with work, which I don’t like to talk about on the blog…but the short version, and probably all I can say about it, is that I’ve had a scared old man calling me every day who is a very clear example of why “Obamacare” is a good idea (personal opinion, not necessarily that of my workplace)…but it doesn’t help him yet, and there’s nothing I can do to help him either…and I’ve been kind of carrying it with me.  (It’s not an “I think my bosses are wrong” type of thing…it’s just the world sucking in that certain way it does when you’re old and alone, and only have a helpless claim rep in St. Louis to listen to you.)

And I’ve been exhausted.  There’s always that…

But hey…  I saw a great rock show last night and got to spend some time with my brother.  And I bought the merch (t-shirt / hat / poster).  And I got a burger at my favorite place (Blueberry Hill) before the show.  And I met the girls (and guy) from Those Darlins after their set.  (Really nice folks who write awesome music.  You know them from this commercial.)

All in all…  Better than a kick in the dingly-dangly.


  • Quotable Quote: “Is anybody watching that TV back there?” – Mike Cooley, of the Drive-By Truckers over an hour into their set, well after the game, admonishing the bar for still having the TV on.  (Which is VERY disrespectful to the band that people came to see…there’s kind of an etiquette about it, and the Pageant didn’t follow it until he said something.  Then they switched it off.  Cooley went on about it for probably a good 30-60 seconds, with Patterson Hood and the crowd laughing and supporting him all the way.)

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