This is basically just a description of my Sunday…

Today, I led worship at my church again.  I was wearing torn up jeans, a Motorhead t-shirt, a flannel, and Doc Martins.  And no one minded at all.  Which is awesome.

Played the following songs:

  1. Are You Washed in the Blood
  2. Water
  3. Jesus, All for Jesus
  4. Blessed Assurance
  5. Jesus, All for Jesus (Reprised at request of the preacher)
  6. How Great Thou Art
  7. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

It was a good day.  Played the 1972 Alvarez I bought from my brother’s store.  (I call that one “Slim,” because the previous owner had his initials—SLM—engraved onto the truss-rod cover.)  Smaller crowd than usual…but good folks.  Was a little distracted by the guy I was sitting with.  He was chatty during the sermon—good guy, just a short attention span.  My throat was a little clogged.  Still hasn’t totally cleared out from being sick weeks ago.  (That’s frustrating.)

My voice cut out briefly during the first song, but people kept singing anyway.  I made a joke about it.  They laughed.  It was good.  A few years back (maybe even when I was Music Ministering at Ferguson), that’s the kind of thing I would’ve beaten myself up about.  I don’t know if I’ve grown or if I’ve just stopped caring about that kind of thing…but either way, making a joke and getting a laugh is better than getting frustrated and only thinking about the mistake.  As it was, I made the joke, moved on, and the rest was fine, I think.  Even fun.  Possibly inspirational, I don’t know…but Lucas did ask me to play that one song again, and he probably wouldn’t have if it sucked.  If nothing else, I think the guitar sounded good.  I’d never played it out in public before…so that was fun.

After church, I went home to unload the stuff from my car.  My neighbors were outside grilling and listening to good old blues music.  I complimented them on their music choice and we chatted a bit.  Then I ate chili.  Then took a nap.  Presently avoiding baseball and watching a (somewhat randomly scheduled, it would seem) How I Met Your Mother marathon.

…and of course writing this.

Sorry if that ws a boring read…but I’m just trying to get stuff on the blog more regularly (again).  So…y’know…sometimes it might suck.

Current Listening:

  • Tom Waits – Bad As Me — New record. I did a pre-order on it, so I got it yesterday instead of on Tuesday, which is the actual release date.  It’s really, really good.  Instant add to my top five of the year.  “Hell Broke Luce” is amazingly well crafted.  And I forget which song it’s in, but I immediately loved the line, “The only way down from the gallows is to swing.”  Keith Richards plays guitar on about half of the record (yes that Keith Richards), and it also boasts appearances by Flea and Les Claypool (yes, those Fleas and Les Claypools).  It’s good to have Tom back, and as I said on my Tumblr page…  It made me want to drink and smoke and dance.  And that’s exactly what I wanted!

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