There are virtually NO good Halloween costumes for a guy with a beard. There just aren’t.

Well, it’s been a few days.  Let’s get random…

  1. In case you missed it—and according to the record-low ratings, a lot of you did—the St. Louis Cardinals are in th World Series against the guys who George W. Bush used to own.  (The Cardinals vs. the Iraqis?) I don’t care about baseball at all.  I don’t care much about MOST sports in fact.  (I just think it’s ridiculous to have your entire day ruined or made by the abilities of others—and that’s the only kind of fan in St. Louis, from what I can tell.)  However, I have enough hometown pride to want to see them do well.  And if nothing else, it’s an honor to be nominated…or however this thing works.
  2. I’ve let the Empty Checking thing slide a little bit…mostly the never-ending kitchen remodel is still ongoing (and it’s looking pretty good—I’m happy, it’s just a lengthy process, because it’s being done by ONE man, and he’s doing it RIGHT) and a lot of the times I normally would use to record something like that are instead being taken up with electrical work or flooring work…or some kind of work.  I’ll get back to it.  I’ve got plenty I want to talk about.
  3. Tickets are finally in hand for the upcoming Drive-By Truckers show in St. Louis!  (Well…not in my hand…but in my brother’s.)  Looking forward to the show and the new merch I’ll be picking up.  I’m not too hot on the new record (“Go Go Boots”), but the Boys from Alabama are always fun in concert.  Looking forward to it.
  4. Work has been pretty busy, at least at my desk.  I think we’re ALL feeling it on one level or another, but I can only speak for myself.  I go home every day exhausted and sometimes waking up in the morning has been harder than usual lately.  We’re getting a lot done though, and I’m constantly being given new and different responsibilities—and it’s cool to be trusted with new and different stuff.  If nothing else, the job keeps challenging me and forcing me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  So that’s okay.
  5. Church has gotten interesting.  On Sundays, we meet in the N 14th Street area of St. Louis.  If you’re familiar with that area (or North City in general), you know that there are segments that are really nice, segments that are really NOT nice, and segments that have been flat-out abandoned.  (And a lot of the latter sections were really nice up until the yuppies got bored.)  In the past few weeks, Lucas (who does most of the preaching and whatnot) has been on the phone with city representatives talking to them about a roughly one-mile stretch of that area that has been pretty much disregarded and fallen into—not exactly disrepair, but just disuse, if that’s a word.  We don’t own that land.  A lot of people don’t own that land…  But starting very soon, we’re going to start giving a shit about it.  We’re going to be cleaning it up, making it presentable, making it an area people WANT to go into again…  It’s been a long process, but Lucas has finally started getting “yes, yes, yes, go ahead” type answers from the city-people…and we’re going to be one of the handful of churches that actually does something PHYSICAL to meet the needs of the community, instead of just talking about it and thinking nice thoughts.  That’s pretty exciting, if you ask me.
  6. Also pretty exciting: Rollercoasters.  Unrelated, though.
  7. Seriously…NEVER put alcohol on a bug bite.  The well-meaning older-lady who tells you it’s a good idea is wrong.  You’ll just develop red, dry, irritated patches where the bug bite was…and even though you use lotion on the area, it’ll heal slowly.  And people will be like “Dude…what happened to your hand?”  So don’t do it.
  8. So I heard about that thing in Ohio where all the animals were set loose…but I didn’t hear about Gaddafi’s death until like a half hour ago.  I choose to believe that the Ohio police shot him, too.
  9. I made some spicy-as-hell chili last weekend.  It was good.  I want more…but slightly less spicy.  So I think I’m firing up another batch this weekend.  Sorry, colon.
  10. I haven’t posted since I played at church last Sunday…so here’s the list of songs I did.  Playing again this week, and hopefully I’ll post this week’s list sooner…
    1. O How I Love Jesus
    2. Blessed Be Your Name
    3. I Surrender All
    4. Holy is the Lord
  11. Finally been able to get some decent work done on the Two Hangmen website.  It’s been delayed for the same basic reason that I haven’t done an Empty Checking podcast lately.  All the times I normally would’ve, I’ve been watching a man build a kitchen…but I made a bit of a dent.  Got a few more pages to build, but it should be pretty smooth.  I think it’ll be up by the end of the weekend, if I can get a couple of hours in on it on Saturday.
  12. I had tacos tonight.  Every time I have tacos, I want more tacos.  I think it’s a scam.

…and that’ll do it for now.  Hope you had a good Shemini Atzeret, Jews.


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