I don’t know…this is stuff that’s on my iPod.

I recently purchased the record “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons.  I like it a lot, and I’ve been playing it non-stop to the point where the songs are almost haunting me.  (I know, I’m two years late to the party.  Shut up.)  In a moment of realization of how little else I’ve listened to this week, I decided to get Mumford songs unstuck from my head by putting my iPod on “Shuffle” and letting it pick a playlist from the 12,000+ songs on it.

…and I’ve still got Mumford songs stuck in my head.

But anyway…here’s the list of songs my iPod chose.  It’s weird.  Thought maybe it’d be interesting to someone…or no one…whatever…updated the blog!

The Un-Mumfording Shuffle:

  1. If It Be Your Will – Derek Brink (Written by Leonard Cohen.)
  2. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere – Pete Townshend, Live-The Empire 1998
  3. She Loves You – The Beatles
  4. I Should’ve Known – Aimee Mann
  5. Broken – Denison Witmer
  6. People Like Angels – Madison Greene
  7. Please Please Me – The Beatles (7′ Mix, Purple Chick Remaster)
  8. Irish Rover – The Dubliners
  9. Old Man – Neil Young
  10. If You’ve Got Trouble – The Beatles (Stereo, Purple Chick Remaster)
  11. Jacob’s Ladder – Bruce Springsteen
  12. Just Got Back – Cheap Trick
  13. Blackheart – Motorhead
  14. Julia – The Beatles
  15. We Got a Hit – The Who, Live-Jones Beach, NY
  16. Suburban War – Arcade Fire
  17. Mean Machine – Motorhead
  18. Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart – Stone Temple Pilots
  19. Amazing Journey/Tommy Medley – The Who, Live-Jones Beach, NY
  20. Man of the Year – Alice Cooper
  21. Segue-Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) – David Bowie
  22. Father Lietrum’s Lesson – My 2 Planets
  23. Entre Nous (Live) – Rush
  24. Citadel – The Rolling Stones
  25. Doll – Foo Fighters
  26. Voices – Cheap Trick
  27. Lounge (Closing Time) – Modest Mouse
  28. Alone – Brendan Small (Music from the “Home Movies” TV show)
  29. The Wolf – Motorhead
  30. Here With Me – REO Speedwagon
  31. We’re Turning Again – Frank Zappa
  32. Shatter Your Lungs – The Get Up Kids
  33. A Fast Song – Johnny Cash
  34. The Hands that Built America (Theme from “Gangs of New York”) – U2
  35. Losing Time – Dream Theater
  36. Fix – Mark Lanegan
  37. Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco
  38. Hang on to Yourself – David Bowie
  39. Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
  40. Piano/Drum Duet (Live) – Frank Zappa
  41. Killed By Love – Alice Cooper
  42. Highway to Lowdown – Frank Black
  43. This Time You Got It – Cheap Trick
  44. New Frontier – Iron Maiden
  45. The Villain (Live) – Old 97’s
  46. White, Discussion – Live
  47. Stolen Prayer – Alice Cooper
  48. Watch that Man (Live) – David Bowie
  49. Theme for a Jackal – Misfits
  50. Lake of Fire (Live) – Nirvana
  51. I’m Afraid of Americans (Live) – David Bowie
  52. Right Now (Live) – Van Halen

…and that’s how the day went.


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